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There is a lot to write about. Books, articles, messages on Facebook, confessions about yourself that you wouldn't want anyone to know... And letters.

Letters. Since I fell in love with my third girlfriend in 2013, I started writing letters. Love letters. First, of course, to this girl I've been with for one exciting year.

After the breakup, then, in the next 2 years until today, I communicated with several other objects of my admiration. And I kept writing, writing, writing love letters.

Today I want to share these letters of mine:

  1. Ballad of Joy IV: I Miss You.
  2. Ballad of joy V: When I can't get rid of my thoughts.
  3. Ballad of Joy VI: A Letter to a Girl with a Dragon Soul.
  4. Girls with a third eye.
  5. Notification of found package.
  6. I just wanted to love.

And I will add: all the public letters I have written.

Why am I sharing? In order to:

  • You would get inspiration for writing YOUR letters (and writing is fun!);
  • You will understand that writing a love letter does not require anything complicated;
  • You would feel and remember that Love that surrounds you when you meet fantastic people;
  • You would remember the people you are with now to make time for them;


  • You would spend your weekend morning (or the next morning) well reading the letters.

These letters vary in length. Some are more complex. Others are easier. Some are full of painful details, while others are almost fantastical stories. So, reading should not take long for you.

The letters are arranged in chronological order. Some minimally altered by removing or changing the recipient's name. All letters are published with the consent of my admirers, because after all, I maintain good and close relations with all my former Muses. One of them is now even a best friend. :')

And again, I will add this analysis of one of my letters: I just want to emphasize that anyone can write love letters and it doesn't take much. Just take and write, and while writing - express what you feel. That's all!

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