How to communicate with a negative person? And how not to plunge into pessimism?

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Received a question from a cloud girl:

Hi Daniel, I am writing to you because your advice is always useful. 😉

The situation is this, I'm studying and I have a friend with whom I'm roommates, but there's just one problem, she's always nervous, she's always upset, she's always unhappy with everything, and it's affecting me, and I feel like I'm getting really gloomy myself, and I'm also nervous, pessimistic. I try not to pay attention to what she says, but we don't argue, I don't know if I can avoid talking to her either, because we see each other every day, we live together.

What advice would you give on how to communicate with such a person? How not to fall into that pessimism...? -_-

Daniel's answer:


First of all, happy holidays! 😉

  • Secondly, do you think there is someone among you who is more righteous?
  • Should there be one view of the world?
  • And should they all be the same at all?

I ask this because, well, I am helping myself. There are a few non-positive people in my circle, too. But... The reaction to the UNPOSITIVITY is their fault - did they make you feel this way, or do you take care of your feelings yourself?

What if your girlfriend is like a little worm living in manure? Does that mean she is bad and shouldn't exist and her thoughts/actions are wrong? But then how does that poo turn into soil? How then is the shit cleansed of useless chemicals (rejecting what is wrong) if there are no worms noticing, warning, selecting for it?

  • Maybe you have a super power to notice the good things and she has a super power to notice the bad?
  • Does that make one of you righteous?
  • Is there then a conflict here at all that is not just in your/our/our mind?

What do you think?

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