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Some time ago I decided to conduct a survey among my friends: Where can you meet new, interesting people?

…And without further ado, here are their suggestions.

  1. Inga Betuza-Bertuza: In the Zen studio, choosing an activity you like - painting on silk, mandala and other self-expression.
  2. Petr Kasiulynas: Toastmasters, BNI at breakfast.
  3. Elena Apyniene: When volunteering (location depends on the field of volunteering).
  4. Darius Jablonskis: In the sports club: maybe at first glance it seems that the audience is not of the highest intelligence, but there are units of such people, and besides, it is very easy to get to know everyone there. (Disclaimer - my offer may not correspond to the real situation in certain sports clubs, I speak only from my modest experience).
  5. Arūnas Požeraus: Running dinner Kaunas.
  6. Rūta Janukėnienė: In the game Points of You!
  7. Mindaugas Slivka: In the green house!
  8. Aušrinė Šadauskaitė: In yoga, in the meditation homestead.
  9. Ina Can: In sport hall.
  10. Ramune Petrulytė: Well, the first condition for getting to know people is that there are PEOPLE in that place, since I have no experience with online dating, I can only show you one place that is interesting in its concept - it is a website for religious people to get to know others who are the same. I read an article about them some time ago, and now I see that the site is already up and running: https://www.kitolink.lt/. You can also place an ad on, for example, skelbiu.lt that I want to meet you, I think it would work.
  11. Antanas Bernatonis: Hello! All seminars, events. As an example, you can give the Book Fair or the Study Fair, I met a lot of people there myself, public transport is a great place because you can sit not alone, but next to someone, a cafe (just like in the movies - with a coffee or any other drink, it really works!).

And some longer tips…

Boatman says:

There is great power in new people. Only I wouldn't share all possible ideas - if you offer 100 alternatives to a person who lacks initiative and enthusiasm (and someone who doesn't know how to meet new people himself, most likely is), he will be stunned by the freedom of action and will do nothing. I would suggest a maximum of 5 options. But these are just my ideas.

So - a very good way is to build on your hobbies and interests and simply join all kinds of circles, communities or clubs that are engaged in similar activities. There are travel clubs, calligraphy circles, writing communities, and so on.

You can learn new things. For example, new languages, playing an instrument or yoga - but not on YouTube yourself, but sign up for lessons.

You can travel using the couchsurfing system (I hope you know) or invite travelers to your place. The circle of new friends is guaranteed, but it is uncertain whether those foreign friends will be long-term. But they can still bring inspiration and ideas.

Organize activities (!). FB is full of groups you can write to - every now and then I go hiking, cycling or something. It is very likely that you will be able to find friends who are similar to you. I have not organized it myself, but I have joined several such random internet initiatives. How much have you had to deal with organizing activities - it is organizing, not participating in them, that gives you the most acquaintances.

Participate in events. No, not necessarily at concerts, basketball games or anything like that. To each according to his interest. There are hiking trips, environmental clean-up campaigns, painting on park benches, meditation camps, LUNI University offers endless free lectures and excursions.

And if possible - participate actively, with your own presentation, your own idea, your own initiative.

Antanas Bakšys advises:

The unequivocal answer is to get involved in various communities. Let's take for example: Peter. 28 years old International sales manager in an IT company. You have a girlfriend. He works with 7 people at work, he gets along with them, but he has no business after work. Where can he meet new people?

  1. Business, IT, startup conferences: Login, SVC2B, etc. They are visited by a wide range of people, more or less focused on its activities. The most important thing is that Peter himself should be active, communicate, discuss with people, while waiting in line for lunch, watching a message with the person sitting next to him, inspecting the new Samsung.
  2. Getting involved in the community: eg starting Lindyhop (dance) with a friend. The community there is close-knit, actively communicates, and will easily accept you into the company. They will start dancing, spending free time together, etc.
  3. Sports poker clubs (e.g. "Pokerios namai" in Kaunas). Sitting and playing poker at one table, you will meet many interesting people, drink Red Bull or smoke together during a break.
  4. Events, seminars. They are endless, various. The events organized by Startup Lithuania are perfect for those who are interested in business, IT, and international business affairs.
  5. Various other communities: religions, sports, robots, etc.

Summary - if a person has one or the other hobby, even if it is microscopic in size, he can definitely find a community of like-minded people and have fun/interesting time together. Online forums are also suitable for this. The second thing is to be able to communicate and persuade people. This is a whole other topic, but a quick introduction: Questions and interest in the other person are the driving force of conversation. The book "How to win friends and influence people" can already be recommended here.

And finally, NePo.lt author:

I listen to English podcasts and there they say go networking, there is a group for each topic even if you are in Alaska, the problem is that we are in a much worse place than Alaska - in Kaunas. If you live in Kaunas you are screwed so much...

  • If you are a programmer https://usergroups.lt/;
  • If you live in Vilnius: FB HubVilnius, FB barcamp, https://www.startuplithuania.lt/en/events/;
  • If you live in Klaipėda: FB node;
  • If you live in Kaunas and have money: FB Tag Kaunas;
  • If you live in Kaunas and are a student: FB KTU Startup Space, FB Kaunas Verslo Klubas;
  • Running dinner takes place in Kaunas and Vilnius (impressions on my website). In Kaunas, the target audience: is a VMU student, a woman working in Vilnius, ~30 who dreams of her own business;
  • If you consider yourself a solid person regardless of age - toastmasters (impressions on my website) are in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda, they are expensive.

If you are from some other city, I don't know, but most likely you are screwed. IF you know something useful that I don't, it would be great if you could share it.

And another thing I wanted to write about myself, but haven't yet, is student behavior. I stay to chat and they run like rats from a sinking ship. No offense.


How - do the answers help?

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