How to find out if a girl has a boyfriend?

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Well, yes, I believe it is scary. But the HOW she answers is even more useful than the WHAT. And, realistically, what are you afraid of? After all, this question is not even about you!!!

...After all, do you really want to know if she likes you or not?

You can ask "Do you like me?". But, well, admit it, it sounds a bit weird and uncomfortable, and like you're asking for support... Well, you want support, but you're not going to say it outright... (And anyway, why not? But let's leave that for another time.)

Then ask:

"Hey, you have a boyfriend?"

Just. Don't make excuses. Don't explain WHY you're asking. In the sense that if you ask a question online (easier than in person, right?), it's easier to write three words than two sentences. And for good reason.

It is a normal question and there is nothing to fear.

"Hey, you got a boyfriend?"
"Ooo... Why do you ask?"
"I'm curious."

Don't make excuses. Your two-word answer is enough.


"Hey, you got a boyfriend?"

"I don't."

What do you know from this?

a) She doesn't have a boyfriend and likes you.
b) She doesn't have a boyfriend and she doesn't have an opinion about you.


"Hey, you got a boyfriend?"

"I do."

And what of this?

a) She has a boyfriend and you're not interested in her.
b) She doesn't have a boyfriend, but she's not interested in you (she wants you to keep your admiration to yourself).


"Hey, you got a boyfriend?"

"I don't want to tell you."

And this...? Obviously, she's not interested in you, that's all.

See? Just ask her if she has a boyfriend.

In the first case, you'll know you haven't impressed her yet, or that you have and she likes you. In the second, you know that she's just already busy, not interested in new relationships, or that you've impressed her and she doesn't like you and that's that.

Just ask. Use these words. Just:

"Hey, you got a boyfriend?"

No more. Not less. "You have a boyfriend" would sound terrible without that, by the way, particle at the beginning of the question. And "hey" is so easy, so natural, so... well, just.

By the way, you will find a woman who likes you. The day will come when you will. You will.

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