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The life of single people is like a holiday, like cherry blossoms.
of the second -

Where have the days of the latter gone? You tell me, because they come, wake up, and leave without anyone noticing. School, work, family, something else... It's just noise.

When the former, therefore, make the most of their days:

1) Enjoying;
2) And building pyramids.

They are not sad that it's Monday again, or that Saturday passed so quickly. They enjoy everyday life and its experiences... Like millionaires! They don't worry about nothing and are positively, deliberately lazy.

At the same time, they make the most of their time. They spend it not on scattering sand (or the ashes of memories), but on building sturdy castles and pyramids. Why do you think the pyramids last so long? Well, it's because they're stronger than Rhodes Colossus!

...And the second -

Ai, I'll finish the next day. Now I got a notification about something new on Facebook. What did I want to do here, anyway?

What is the difference between Remembering and Forgetting?

There's a reason why the former are so good at doing meaningful work, making the world a more positive place, and why they're so happy wherever they go.

They remember that they will die.

Have you ever thought about it? Honestly.

I believe so. Probably all of us are sometimes drawn to thoughts about the meaning of life (probably the most hated question among philosophers), life, what we have achieved through it or imminent death.

...But do you often remind yourself of death?

What? Scary? Kind of silly to think? Negative?

So it is you who should think about death more often.

So many days, months and years you have been running away from this inevitable stage of life. The deaths of your grandparents, pets, friends or parents have reminded you of this, but you still haven't listened...

...And now you are surprised that you do not understand yourself?

Death brings out the best in you.

Sometimes, though, and worst of all, some psychopaths, remembering death, begin to encourage themselves to seize even more power, or to turn their children into ideal dancers, singers, or just toys.

But often best of all - determination move towards a healthier life, re-establishing relationships with living relativesand the inspiration to fulfil that old dream.

I, for example, remind myself of death every day.

I have a poster in my room with 52 columns and 80 rows of squares. Weeks that I will spend until the end. I also have a funny skull-shaped mask downstairs.

My friend Simas Balčiūnas also reminds himself of death every day. Almost every time he takes a shower, washes his hands or gets dressed in the morning. He has 130 circles tattooed on his arm - one for every hundred and thirty years of life.

And you can join us.

A poster of your life.

Only by remembering that you are still radiating Qi and other vital energies can you squeeze the most enjoyment and meaning out of your days.

After all, nothing shows where a rattlesnake's head is better than its rattling tail. In our case, it's our old friend Death.

Here is the poster in .pdf format:

The poster was designed by Eglė Uleckienė from Cloud City. Thanks to her!

It can print in any size from A4 to A0as I typed. In the larger squares you can write what you've experienced during your week! In the smaller one, you can colour in or cross out the squares.

This is a poster for your home wall.

It doesn't need to be hung in a very visible place - just on one wall. Just a hallway. You don't need to show it to your guests - it's important that you know your time is ticking away.

Hang it on the wall and enjoy. Enjoy what you have experienced and the fact that you are still alive! Remember death and join me.

Not ready to die,

Thanks to Tim Urban, one of my favourite authors, for the idea. If you want to buy a paper poster that has already been printed, drop in. He'll also tell you what else you can do with the poster (and there will be trips to the past!).

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