Blogs from a month without internet: "My work has become different"

365 texts work a month without internet productivity
Reflections and drafts

Goal of the day: 333 words. Written: 338. Photo author Agnes * (Lithuanian, Debesian)

My productivity is somewhere between zero and positive infinity. And I don't understand where on the number line it can be placed more precisely, because during these 5 days my work has become completely different - separate from knitting new ideas, transferring old ones and launching them.

By the way: I wrote this blog in December month without internet years. Today I finished it, fixed it and show it to you.

It's like working in a chocolate factory - I pack the boxes and only later, when the internet comes back, will I pass them on to their intended recipients. And in the past, my job was like mixing chocolate in my kitchen - I mix it up and thank you - it's delicious. I don't think about the future.

That's probably why I don't understand what my productivity level is today and whether I've done anything useful at all. Because experiences are different - no instant gratification and instant entertainment.

It might be a way to build patience, but I'm not sure yet.

So far I have noticed:

  • I'm bored. Write, edit texts and read books. Everything is boring. I don't seem to get that nice instant gratification.
  • Music is missing. Because only a few radio stations play decent music (Classic Rock FM and PWHR), but the commercials kill me. Very much.
  • There is a lack of communication with people. Especially those who are very close to me, but live outside of Kaunas or I forgot to write down their phone numbers.
  • I am writing sms. Because it's boring.
  • In general, I feel bad. I don't know why, but maybe it's just the so-called lomke that mom was talking about. 🙂
  • It's not fun to sit in the library either - I only edited a few texts there before sending them to the editors, but I didn't want to sit there any longer.
  • I drink tea at home and eat like crazy. It's probably true that people eat out of boredom, because when I used to sit on the Internet in a fun way, I didn't feel hungry.
  • I crave human contact. It is missing. Especially loved girls or I don't know what else. Maybe some cat. I like cats. Today, the neighbor's cat climbed onto my windowsill from the outside and was looking at me through the window. I looked back. He was the first to get bored.
  • I'm doing a lot of organizing, but it looks like I'll be getting everything I've got sorted out soon. Which is probably a good thing, because I've never had time for it, and it's fun to manage.

So. Five days out of thirty, 16.6% if I'm not mistaken, done. It's weird to be disconnected from the world, but a challenge is a challenge - it's for growth.

I'm thinking of something fun to create.

Your Daniel

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