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Even a resident of Vilnius can walk: I am inspired by a book by Frederic Gros

don't be afraid - you don't need legs to walk. Frederic Gros in the book "Philosophy on foot"describes not pacing, but a slow, aimless, but meaningful way of traveling.


An ideal notation system: The one you come up with

Oh, how many note systems have been invented - to-do lists, "Getting things done", Kanban, Planuokis and other ways of writing down. (Now every second influencer sells his own writing, his own planning method.)


We don't need advice (but you want them)

Ah, the Internet... It stands on three pillars: scams, pornography and advice on how to live.


A good manager will not take care of his employees

Micromanagement is a type of management where the manager supervises every action of his team member. The manager knows everything, the manager will explain everything, the manager is responsible for everything.


Productivity is not a sacred cow

Deep in your heart, you probably realize this too. You will not survive on efficiency alone. Without productivity is the rest of life.


Is it bad to play games and watch movies all day? (Is it bad to waste time?)

What to do if you want to cancel? Want to play video games (or gamble), lie around watching YouTube, scrolling through Facebook and talking shallow nonsense with your friends?


Productivity Techniques Month: 30 days, 30 technicians and 259+ completed jobs

Even before I wrote The Lazy Manifesto, I decided to try about 30 different productivity techniques and see which ones would work best for me. Later I wrote "The Lazy Manifesto": my first book about minimalism, the necessity of laziness for our health and productive work. That's basically what productivity techniques are designed for. The Kanban work monitoring system is used in the factory of the car manufacturer Toyota, and about the magic words Lean […]


What you need to know if you want to get up earlier

"Early to bed and early to rise - this is what makes a man healthy, rich and wise." Benjamin Franklin, 18th century. politician Getting up early in my childhood was a big misunderstanding for me. Get up at six in the morning, get dressed with zombie speed, forcefully eat breakfast and prepare for the trip to the sea? Why do my parents torture me so much? Why can't you sleep yet??? But over the past year, my approach […]


Is it really good to be productive?

Eat that frog - try another productivity, efficiency, technique and become better. Faster, smarter, richer...


The year I tracked every job I held

You do the work - you write on a piece of paper - you put the piece of paper in a pile. Yes, for one year, 2017, i followed every job i did.


Let me waste your attention for nothing

You can buy health. Time (amount of work done) too. Attention - no.


41+ Best Books on Productivity, Time Management, and Effective Work

You can always just take it and work. Even at this moment... But what if you could work easier, faster and smarter?


What if you start a lot of projects but don't finish them? [Challenge You]

I know It happens to me too. I come up with new, really genuinely interesting and good ideas, I start working on these projects...


Debesyla.lt creator Danielius: The only way to stay productive in this modern world is minimalism

First published (and illustrated): https://sonatadirsyte.lt/debesyla-lt-kurejas-danielius-vienintelis-budas-islikti-produktyviu-siame-moderniame-pasaulyje-yra-minimalizmas/


My Time Management System: A large list of skirts

Here are some facts about you (and me):


What's better: Paper or electronic notebook?

You've probably heard more than once that written down goals are much more likely to come true than just random thoughts that are easily forgotten.


Jurgita Raudonytė: How did I become a freelancer?

What are you working?

In short, I am a freelance copywriter and personal freelance consultant.


Cloud Beta: How did I start getting up earlier in the morning?

I would like to share another story about what life is like when you get up earlier than most, says Beta from the cloud.


How to get up earlier? A few commonly recommended methods that may work for you



Neurobics: Exercise your brain

Neurobics are exercises that activate and stimulate both parts of your brain. The main goal of this method is to restore "tired" neurons in the brain.


Antanas Bakšys: How did I start getting up at 6 in the morning?

Some people (or animals like me) find it very easy to get up early in the morning. For others, getting up before noon is a difficult task.


Felder and Silverman learning styles + which one is yours?

Have you ever tried to learn something that is relatively easy, but you just couldn't get the main idea? Or have you taught people very simple things, but they were overwhelmed and lost?


How to study more efficiently and spend less time studying?

We probably all realize that the quick assimilation of information is a huge asset for a person. Those who are able to grasp new theories, concepts, and learn and apply new and effective skills quickly have a greater advantage than people who are stuck in receiving new information.


Remigius Šimašius: What is the meaning of my life and how to become a politician

Remigijus Šimašius: former Minister of Justice of Lithuania and member of the Seimas, now working as the mayor of Vilnius and admiring the Internet with his vigor. Have you heard of this one?


Sketches of a book about meaning: Why do you not need the meaning of life?

Goal of the day: 1621 words. Written: 1626.


The power of habit (as I noticed her)

Goal of the day: 1605 words. Written: 668.


3 mistakes I made when trying to plan my time to the minute

Goal of the day: 1497 words. Written: 179.


Sketches of a book about meaning: What to do when you have too many choices?

Goal of the day: 1497 words. Written: 882.


How to save your thoughts and keep your notes? Advantages of one large binder

Goal of the day: 1329 words. Written: 1074.


Was Jesus Gay? (How to stay focused?)

Goal of the day: 1290 words. Written: 724.


Experiment 032: A month without an alarm clock!

Goal of the day: 1290 words. Written: 479.


Three levels of laziness (between workaholic and lazy)

Goal of the day: 986 words. Written: 104.


Don't listen to criticism and just work

Goal of the day: 986 words. Written: 127.


More ideas from my productivity notebook (Who helps create?)

Goal of the day: 947 words. Written: 660.


Laziness Outlines That Helped Me Be More Productive

Goal of the day: 875 words. Written: 1O64.


Life calendar: How not to let life go by in vain?

The life of single people is like a holiday, like cherry blossoms.
of the second -


How to reduce SPAM and subscriptions in your mailbox?

Goal of the day: 436 words. Written: 441.


What will you find inside The Lazy Manifesto?

Goal of the day: 365 words. Written: 668.


Blogs from a month without internet: "My work has become different"

Goal of the day: 333 words. Written: 338. Photo author Agnes * (Lithuanian, Debesian)


I have no life plans and I'm proud of it!

Daily target: 324 words. Written: 662. I can't find the author of the photo. 🙁


Comparison of tested workplaces: The good, the bad and the unusual!

Goal of the day: 279 words. Written: 396.


The first few days with a stationary workplace

Goal of the day: 257 words. Written: 340.


Two questions I ask myself daily, Benjamin Franklin and my attitude towards routine

Goal of the day: 255 words. Written: 891.


Enthusiasm - the enemy of real achievements?

Goal of the day: 178 words. Written: 395. Photo author: Vi Kontrimaitė


Martynas Jociaus's book "Attention Shifts"

Goal of the day: 161 words. Written: 483.


A month without delay

Goal of the day: 135 words. Written: 421.


Optimists and pessimists are wrong: It is best not to expect anything

Have you noticed how much stress, anger and frustration are born from seemingly small things? Such little nothings? I noticed. And I believe that those negative emotions are caused by our hopes. After all, we expect new things every day: How a loved one will evaluate gifts, How we will be evaluated in exams or at work, How many "likes" a new photo will receive on Facebook, What should be the weather for tomorrow's trip [...]


Death by Planning: Paralysis of certainty

Analysis paralysis - have you heard of this one? I'm sure of one thing: maybe you haven't heard about it before, but you've definitely experienced it.


How not to be lazy (and finally rest)?

Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before fatigue.