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You've probably heard more than once that written down goals are much more likely to come true than just random thoughts that are easily forgotten.

The cloud girl tells Akvilė Stankevičiūtė, a schoolgirl.

Isn't that what we're after? We want to do as much as possible in our life, to be able to complete various tasks on time, so we call on time planning tools for help.

And there are all sorts of them...

Soft paper, hard cover, plenty of free space for drawing, graphs to write down various thoughts, and where else is the design, various inspirational quotes, etc. What else can merchants think of so that the notebooks they sell end up in our hands.

In the electronic space, there are also many apps for time planning. You can get lost!

Doing this little experiment, I tried to find out which is more convenient: electronic or paper notebook?

First I tried the electronic notepad Business Calendar 2.

First: Electronic notebook

Pros of electronic gadgets…

This app offers a very attractive way to manage your time. Jobs can be planned with precision of years, months, weeks and even days.

Design and layout are easy to choose, so the environment of the app depends only on the person using it.

I liked the tasks section, where you could create tasks after writing them down and assigning them to a certain day. In this way, you can monitor all the work and find free time to do the next day's work, which was no longer mixed with the unfinished ones.

It's also easy to edit, organize and copy, which unfortunately you can't do so easily with a paper notebook.

Easy and free download from Google Play and App store.

Cons of the electronic app:

The biggest minus I noticed is that there is no special medium to write down weekly and monthly work. Of course, you can always work around it, and I've done it perfectly by choosing to show one task for a whole week or even a whole month, but it's very inconvenient and had no effect, especially since I had to mark the tasks that I had already done myself.

I had to learn and work with the app, although it is not complicated at all, but there were a few questions that I easily figured out later.

I also had trouble getting used to it, maybe because I didn't use time planners much, and I realized that was a HUGE mistake.

I also did not find free space for creativity. In other electronic notebooks, I have seen a section where you could simply draw, write various thoughts and the like, unfortunately, this one did not have such a place. Everything is very nicely organized, but in general there is no room left for thought.


At first I was quite skeptical about this app and I will admit I didn't trust it. I used to write down the most important tasks that I had to do not only in the already mentioned calendar on my phone, but also on a piece of paper or somewhere else. I don't know where this mistrust comes from, but I got used to it over time and it was no longer necessary to take additional notes on paper, especially since the program offers reminders with a signal, which even surpasses the paper that you can quickly lose.

The app was so engaging that a week after each newly completed task, I automatically turned on the app and marked the completed task, or when I remembered something, I wrote it down immediately so that I wouldn't forget. As in the mornings, it was one of the first rituals to check what I have to do today, where to be, etc.

Second: Paper notebook

The paper version of mine was a completely simple workbook. The pluses of paper notebooks…

  • The notebook is intended for the whole year, each day has a separate sheet and it is divided by hours, so work planning is very accurate.
  • You can choose how to write and what to write, nothing restricts your creativity and freedom like an electronic notebook does.
  • In terms of health, a paper notebook is better than an electronic one, because you don't have to stare at a screen, and writing also develops your hand, writing and the like.
  • Better visualization, easier to compare notebooks of several years and remains a great memory for the future.

Disadvantages of a paper notebook:

  • At least I didn't have any separate space to write down plans bigger than the day, other than those few slips of paper labeled notes at the back of the notebook. But as always I managed to get out and adapt. Because the time when I do the work is not important to me, so after writing everything down, I usually still had space to draw or write down what I remembered that particular day, some thought.
  • It's a pity, but I'm not used to carrying this notebook with me everywhere. I try very hard not to overload myself with things, so more and more often I left a thick notebook at home and only when I came back I marked what I had done and what still needed to be done.
  • Don't forget that the paper notebook is for one year, while the electronic one can be used as much as you want. So, not only is there no need to buy, but nature is also protected.

What did I learn and understand?

In conclusion, I can say that planning your time is necessary. During this time, I realized how much time I was wasting, well, now I'm lazy sometimes, but just by writing down simple homework, goals, I realized that I get a lot more done than usual. And after writing it down, there is always much more motivation to do all the work, because it is so much fun to cross it out, and the remaining one work looks really ugly in the weekly plans.

At least I'll definitely keep an electronic notepad on my phone, although it's simple enough to hold all my work and even remind me of certain events. Of course, I won't give up paper either, but at least in it I plan bigger tasks and goals - it's for the year, month and so on.

Choosing the right notebook is difficult, but every person needs it. Choose a notepad according to your needs, if there is no step without a phone - I suggest an app on the phone, and if you like to feel what you are writing and like the sound of paper screeching - a paper one.

– Akvilė Stankevičiūtė

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