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Neurobics are exercises that activate and stimulate both parts of your brain. The main goal of this method is to restore "tired" neurons in the brain.

It used to be thought that neurons degenerate and don't regenerate, but it has now been discovered that nerve cells can regenerate, but this requires regular activity such as neurobics.

The term "neurobics" was coined by neuroscientist Lawrence Katz.

Neurobics techniques:

  • Regular, everyday tasks such as eating with your right hand, getting out of bed, writing, do it differently, nonormally.
  • ĮSimulate everyday images, details you see, and represent them on a piece of paper, linking them to sounds and smells. Try to identify an object by closing your eyes, smelling, sound or touching. Compare them with each other.
  • Daily wear different clotheswill. Researchers have found that wearing different clothes changes the way you feel and think.
  • Discover new paths towards you Objective. Going to the gym the way you haven't tried before, no matter how long it may be, will be good for your brain.
  • Let go of stereotypes. Answer banal and frequently asked questions differently, discover new answers.
  • Read different literature. If you like fiction, read a history, science or fiction book every now and then. You don't have to be very interested, just change the field from time to time.
  • Change your rest. Give up one weekend in front of the TV and try going to a live concert, which will change your usual weekend routine and give you new sensations.

Ways to improve memory:

  • ĮSimulate information provided by another person, such as a phone number. First, remember the phone numbers of friends, parents and phone numbers. Then other people. Repeat one number out loud to yourself until you finally remember it. After a while, you will forget the unused and unnecessary numbers, so your brain will retain only the information you need and simply delete the unused.
  • Learn forborder languages. This will train your brain and improve your memory. After a while, it will be easier to remember words, phrases and all the other information you are trying to remember.
  • Motivate yourself. Use the information to motivate yourself - for example, a person who has just met you will be useful to you, which is why you need to remember their name.
  • ĮSimulate the simple things. Heard an interesting fact or idea? Tell yourself you can't forget it and try to remember it. This will train your memory and help you remember things faster.

Household, everyday exercises that you do differently every few days:

  • Replace brushing with the right hand with the left.
  • Take a shower with your eyes closed.
  • Find another way to work.
  • Guess the coin only with your fingers, that is, with your eyes closed.
  • Close your eyes and try to walk through a few rooms, just based on memories and recollection.
  • Change the place where you eat, try eating outside.
  • Flip the calendar over.
  • Change the environment you're in most often, rearrange your furniture.
  • Eat with your eyes closed.
  • Play strategy games like chess.

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