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What's better: Paper or electronic notebook?

You've probably heard more than once that written down goals are much more likely to come true than just random thoughts that are easily forgotten.


Will and habits. A fairy tale for adults

I want to tell you a story about Miss Valia and a boy named Habit. About how they met.


The Cloud Girl Challenge: "I'm vegan for a week"

Debesyla suggested that I join the challenge and stay vegan for at least a week. Challenges are not my forte as I always slip at the very beginning or halfway through. It's true that if I persevere and find motivation for a goal, I can overcome the challenge without any difficulty.


Laura Stančaitytė: How did I cross the Camino de Santiago?

I first heard about the Camino de Santiago maybe 5 years ago. My friend said she was going on a road trip. It was an attraction for me, just a journey and I really wanted to go along.


What is the Priority Pyramid + How to create a map of your goals?

During the last 10-12 years, I had to be very interested in personal development, efficiency and similar things. Therefore, the shares I present may be heard somewhere else. These are things that I have tried on my fur and that work for me.


[The Clouds respond] The best book or movie for self-improvement is…

In 2014, I conducted a survey: What best means of self-education (book, film, program, teacher...) would the readers of recommend? Here are their answers. Do not beautify.