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You are not Google (don't have a million customers, so don't think about the future)

Let me tell you about a weight loss program - a project, which I worked on for half a year… And purchased by less than 10 buyers…


I didn't reach my goal... What should I do?

Set a goal to, say, run for 30 days in a row? Only managed to run for 10 days? Sad that you didn't reach your goal?


It's fun to think about life goals, but it's hard to live them

I wish living was as easy as thinking about life, dreaming, making lists...


Having a very specific, clear goal can be dangerous

A clear goal will help you achieve it. I agree with that. However, if you don't know what you want, how can you get it? Accidentally?


I have a challenge for you: Do just one thing this year

Remember when you thought in 1999 that 2019 would be sometime in the far future? You know, when there will be flexible phones, flying cars, and you will be happy, rich, and good for yourself?


What is the Priority Pyramid + How to create a map of your goals?

During the last 10-12 years, I had to be very interested in personal development, efficiency and similar things. Therefore, the shares I present may be heard somewhere else. These are things that I have tried on my fur and that work for me.


How to set goals for yourself? [4 Step Guide]

I can share what I have experienced about challenges.


Want to take and do? STOP! (That's why it's so important to measure 9 times and cut only the tenth)

Goal of the day: 458 words. Written: 535.