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You are not Google (don't have a million customers, so don't think about the future)

Let me tell you about a weight loss program - a project, which I worked on for half a year… And purchased by less than 10 buyers…


A good manager will not take care of his employees

Micromanagement is a type of management where the manager supervises every action of his team member. The manager knows everything, the manager will explain everything, the manager is responsible for everything.


Buyers don't like discounts

Discounts are a great way to attract customers. But, you know, buyers (secretly) don't like discounts. Not because discounts are bad - because the product used to be without them.


Your business does not need Facebook and Instagram

Do you remember your childhood? A day at school? There were always children who got those fantastic treasures before everyone else. Their parents found ways to buy them LEGO, Songoku toys, they got sports bikes and a whole mountain of treasures...


Your first business goal: to make a profit

Too many businesses try to start over. Looking at other people's beautiful buttocks, their skirts, panties, checking what's under them...


What if your customers seem mentally retarded?

You must have come across such people. Explaining to them that X or Y is literally impossible… Or that Z can easily be done by yourself and here's how… Or that M, L and P are not your area of work… Jthey don't like it!


From problem to solution: The 8-Step Simplex Method

The best businesses operate through the LEAN technique - you try one thing, see what happens, do the second thing, continue. It is similar in creation and in the architecture of your life.


I tried to create an elevator pitch and I realized that it was a pointless grind of shit

Goal of the day: 1605 words. Written: 171.


Edie Weiner and Arnold Brown: "Insight into the Future"

Goal of the day: 966 words. Written: 284.


Is it possible to make money from a blog? (Or how many euros I earned from "The Lazy Manifesto")

Goal of the day: 477 words. Written: 1200.