Your first business goal: to make a profit

Reflections and drafts

Too many businesses try to start over. Looking at other people's beautiful buttocks, their skirts, panties, checking what's under them...

...However, they don't think about profit. They say "when I create a product - there will be profit".

But will there be profit?

It's easy to get stuck in a planning cycle. In the product development circle. In the preproduction optimization cycle.

  • "I need the system to work itself"
  • "I need full automation"
  • "I need everything to work without me and I can go on vacation and just take the money"
  • Or the most elementary "I need the design, advertising, presentation to be original, engaging, beautiful and memorable".

But do you need it? In the beginning?

You will not go to a loss for long. If you don't work for money - so be it, well, go to that loss, even if it's for the rest of your life. It's just your game, your hobby.

But in business, the first thing is to make a profit. At least a cent.

When you make sure that you will get at least a cent of profit from each of your products, then you can already optimize. Can reduce costs, increase profits and so on. Well, you know how to optimize your production, or you can easily find out by looking at the other end of your competitors and colleagues.

Just like in sports, a nice butt doesn't come from looking at a lot of nice butts. It doesn't happen even if you learn a magical exercise or food dish.

A beautiful butt appears only if there is time, an opportunity, an opportunity to beautify your butt by at least one percent every day in your routine, your normal routine.

Small profits and their optimizations add up over months and years. Your company, project, will grow. You will earn millions.

But for now, focus on profit. That one guaranteed penny is earned. Most importantly, don't stay in the loss longer than necessary.

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