I tried to create an elevator pitch and I realized that it was a pointless grind of shit

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Goal of the day: 1605 words. Written: 171.

It's a practice for start-ups to come up with a way to introduce themselves in 15 seconds. In other words, what if you got into an elevator with person X and needed to introduce yourself? Oh gods, oh gods, what to do!

In a word, I tried this technique.

It is of zero use. Or, if not zero, at least close to it.

"Hi, I'm doing an experiment and need your help. Have you read the blog posts? If you have read at least 3, then here's your assignment.

Here's what readers have told me:

  • Help you achieve your ambitions.
  • Advice and motivation on how to live more simply.
  • How to live with less for a better result.
  • A different view of human daily life.
  • Personal development, better self-knowledge, getting answers to some fundamental questions.
  • Promoting a different approach to life.

And I got it:

Debesyla is for those who are pursuing their dreams and goals, creating something incredible, striving to live a more rewarding life, and want to make it easier to achieve.


Debesyla - for those who are pursuing their dreams, creating something incredible and want to make life easier.

...What's the use?

Do such devils really matter in Lithuania, in the age of the internet?

Unless you don't know what you are doing?

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