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Do you remember your childhood? A day at school? There were always children who got those fantastic treasures before everyone else. Their parents found ways to buy them LEGO, Songoku toys, they got sports bikes and a whole mountain of treasures...

…Then the rest of the kids, of course, wanted it. You were among them. You asked your parents that you needed it too or you looked for ways to get it yourself.

Some businesses cannot survive without Facebook or Instagram. For example, influencers living in these media. Also, people who take money from businesses to create popular Facebook and Instagram pages.

But there aren't that many businesses that NEED to have Facebook or Instagram.

Even designers working in that field, who create illustrations for other businesses' Facebooks and Instagrams, it seems... Do they need these pages? Probably - not much, because social media will find customers for them. specialists supervising the media. Or photographers... For them, clients, the most paying clients, come through acquaintances, not random matchmakers who stay awake at two o'clock in the morning...

Yes, there are businesses that need to have Facebook and Instagram pages. For some businesses, these pages pay off big.

If other children have a nice toy, do you really need it?

Chances are, as soon as you get that treasure, you'll throw it away because you only wanted it to brag to others about how tough you are.

"Wow, we have a million followers!" And two million tomorrow! How many paying customers is this? Well... We earn about a thousand euros a month. But we look so successful!”

Take Sanitex, for example, probably the largest logistics company in Lithuania. Do they have a popular facebook? Hell no. They don't have Facebook at all. But this does not prevent them from earning and staying in the market.

Then take another company - car rule near you. Or a hairdresser. Or a lunch restaurant near the local State Tax Inspectorate office. Do these businesses absolutely need Facebook and Instagram to make a profit and grow?

Yes, Facebook and Instagram can make your business more popular…

...However, if you give a poor production, you will not have good acquaintances, you will act like a man and you will not use your head - no Facebooks, Instagrams and social media consultants will help you.

Think of Facebook and Instagram as decorations, balls, restaurants and orchestras on the Titanic. People loved it. But in the end the result was determined by the abilities of the captain and coxswain, the hardness of the ship's armor, and the abilities of the sailors.

Does your business need Facebook or Instagram?


But, especially if you're just starting out, chances are you're not.

Because the biggest profit still comes from returning customers, and the best advertising is when thousands of people advertise you and do it for free. Redeemed and beautiful facebook posts will not guarantee it. Never guarantees.

Product and profit are more important than advertising.

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