A good manager will not take care of his employees

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Micromanagement is a type of management where the manager supervises every action of his team member. The manager knows everything, the manager will explain everything, the manager is responsible for everything.

Being such a manager can be nice - you feel "guaranteed" that everything will go according to plan. But that's not necessarily true.

A good leader should trust his team members, and there is no trust in overseeing every action. A good leader will enable team members to work even when the leader cannot give personal attention, when the manager is doing other work or resting.

Of course, maybe letting the team do "anything" is not a smart idea, but as I noticed - the less the manager is involved in the performance of the work, the more optimal the work is.

When the manager does not intervene:

  1. Employees can focus to doing work, not listening to comments or, worse, replying to comments via email. by letters.
  2. Employees can take one work plan and work according to it, do not replace the progress of work as it progresses. And believe me, the more managers there are, the more things can go wrong in the process - every manager likes to give impromptu "fixes" even before the problems have even arisen. Sometimes those "corrections" are useful, but more often - they are not fully thought out or, even worse, not all employees are informed about the changes, which leads to new mistakes.
  3. Employees can feel responsible when they themselves are responsible for the quality of the work, not the director standing behind them. An employee who feels responsible is likely to work better.
  4. Employees can feel happy that you trust their abilities.
  5. The manager can work less 🙂

A good leader must trust his team members. And if you can't trust - then why do you need these people in the team? Only people you trust should be in the team. And then you let them work as they let you work. The team is a chorus, not a one-man opera.

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