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How to check if someone will buy your book? Give it away for free!

If you can't attract readers for free, then who will buy your book? (Or another piece, as the same applies to other media.)


Your business does not need Facebook and Instagram

Do you remember your childhood? A day at school? There were always children who got those fantastic treasures before everyone else. Their parents found ways to buy them LEGO, Songoku toys, they got sports bikes and a whole mountain of treasures...


Why should you delete Facebook?

I haven't used Facebook in over a year. This is what I feel at this moment. Maybe this will also inspire you to stop using Facebook and just delete it.


I remember how you were three kilometers away, even though I was hugging you

I smelled your shampoo and my hand melted pleasantly under your neck. I could feel that, finally, I was together with you however… I felt lonely.


Let me waste your attention for nothing

You can buy health. Time (amount of work done) too. Attention - no.


Why not pay attention to criticism on Facebook?

There are two types of criticism.


I invite you to join the challenge! Summer without Facebook!

A challenge for you!


How I threw the TV out of the house and how it changed my daily life

Indre, tell us what challenge you took on and why you chose it?


How to create a blog: Which platform will you choose? (Part II)

Goal of the day: 411 words. Written: 443.


Blogs from a month without internet: "It was probably the best challenge ever"

Goal of the day: 347 words. Written: 513. Photo author Agnes * (Lithuanian, Debesian)