Let me waste your attention for nothing

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You can buy health. Time (amount of work done) too. Attention - no.

Why is that? Why "Rescue Time" or Google's Digital Wellbeing apps showing you hours spent on crap content that wastes your attention? Does the pleasure of finding one really good Facebook post really outweigh the hundreds (more likely thousands) of crappy or mediocre ones?

Well, if it pays off - if you don't feel like you're wasting your life - so be it. I won't judge. This is your time.

But I invite you to join a week without social networks.

  1. Check out social networking apps (or just one of them) - Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin... - from your phone, and sign in on your computer "Cold Turkey" or "StayFocusd".
  2. Enjoy at life. Until you want to come back. Or not, if you like having the attention of someone better.

That's all!

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