Cloud Beta: How did I start getting up earlier in the morning?


I would like to share another story about what life is like when you get up earlier than most, says Beta from the cloud.

Today I'm interviewing her about KEEPING EARLY!

If you can, tell us about yourself first. Who are you?

I am Beta. I am 22 years old (soon to be 23) and I graduated in ceramics in my hometown Alytus. More than a year ago I moved to Vilnius to live with my future husband and fulfilled my dream of working in a health food café (currently I work in a vegetarian bistro "Holigans").

I challenge myself every day because I realised that it pushes me to find answers, to experience new feelings and emotions. My husband just lives it and I am learning it by living with him.

What kind of person am I? Well, people often say I'm cheerful and sociable. Although, to be honest, I'm just a chatterbox. It's more important for me to talk than to eat. And it's quite easy to start conversations with new people, because I find them very interesting. Especially people's perceptions and attitudes. I'm also curious, so that's a good quality to have in the pursuit of happiness. Of course, I also have some personality traits that get in the way of my life, which is why I have trouble with patience. I get annoyed with slow footed people, because I like to move fast myself. However, the further I go, the more I accept it. I realise that everyone has their own way.

I play sports and like being active. I cycle or walk to work (~8.5 km to work). Every morning at home I exercise for about 1 hour. This can be pilates, cardio or bodyweight sports.

I don't even know what people consider negative habits. As for smoking and alcohol, I don't do them. I have tried it as a teenager, but I realised that it would not bring me happiness. Among other things, there was no smoking in the family. My mother has never even tried. With that kind of role model, there is less chance of getting into it.

What time do you wake up these days? When do you go to bed? Does your sleep time vary throughout the year or is it regular?

These days I wake up between 3am and 4am. It stays the same if I'm not attending an event and I'm not exhausted. I go to bed around 20.30/21.00. My sleep is really good quality and I invest a lot in it, so 6 hours of sleep is enough for me.

Of course, it's harder to get up in winter. And after winter, for a couple of weeks, the light makes it hard to even sleep. But then the body gets used to it. It's not a one-month achievement and habit. Now I can get up without an alarm clock, even on weekends. No matter what time of the year, I have to get up at a similar time because I work early and I want to exercise before work. And I have to get up before work, and sometimes I make my husband a meal if it's not ready in the evening.

Whoo! And how do your acquaintances react to this sleep routine?

There are all sorts of reactions, and that's really the fun part!

Mum and Dad are always supportive. If I get up even one day late, I immediately get questions about whether everything is OK and why I'm getting up late. At work, when people find out that I walk, they always ask when I get up. And when I say about 3/4 a.m., they roll their eyes and ask: WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO SLEEP?

I work with people who practise this kind of sleeping pattern themselves, so it comes naturally to them. But my mum's friends or other people are usually surprised and ask me what I do in the morning. It's funny when I talk to people and I share that I got up late, only at 5am. And then they start laughing because, according to them, it is really early here.

Because it makes me happy, people appreciate my choice, often praise me for it, and are happy about it. Or they make a friendly joke about me coming to work at 5am.

I am often called a phenomenal person. But I think we all are. It's just that the phenomenal comes out differently. My husband tells me: if someone else can do it, so can you. This attitude of his is a great encouragement for me to grow, to look for people who can do better than me, and to improve myself.

Have you tried to teach this early rising hobby/habit? Coaxing or something like that?

In my opinion, persuasion is not a good way of teaching. However, example is the perfect encouragement. People automatically start asking how to practice it, asking how it is useful. It is contagious. I am often told that I know how to inspire. My husband and I have a vision to do coaching. I am interested in it myself and practice it by helping people. I love to help. Giving people hope. I genuinely enjoy every day when I can help and understand people. My life is like a dance of happiness. I am now realising my potential, ideas and dreams in a very powerful way.

This is very cool! Do you have anything else to add, Beta?

Of course I do. I have a reputation for being a gossipy person. My wish for readers is to broaden their horizons and not be afraid to hear more different opinions. It changes the way we see and the way we see the world. May the theory we read be translated into action and go hand in hand with practice. But at the same time, do not forget to feel your inner state. Analyse it. Try to feel how much and which habits are close. After all, the path is different for everyone.

And, of course, I wish everyone happiness and love.

Thank you, Beta!

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