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I strongly support both ecology, veganism and zerowaste - because they are exactly the same

Interviewed by: JBG+Alumni. Published for the first time European Commission on Facebook.

I myself strongly support both ecology and veganism and zerowaste - everything related to ecology and economy, because basically it's one thing - my thing.


Is it really necessary?

First published: Below is an unedited version of the conversation.


Daniel, who has decided to live by "producing" as little garbage as possible: "Minimalism is my philosophy"

I grew up in a healthy family - we always respected nature, my grandfather raised bees (until he got old a few years ago), and my mother kept saying - garbage must be collected! Throwing anywhere is wrong.

2019-06-19 creator Danielius: The only way to stay productive in this modern world is minimalism

First published (and illustrated):


A witty interview with Debesyla about his life

Who is your super hero?

Myself. I understand that no one will do my work for me - just as they will not fulfill my greatest goals. I am the locksmith-welder of my destiny.


Povilas Petrauskas: How did I stop drinking alcoholic beverages?

I'm talking today Povilas Petrauskas, who was once a heavy drinker himself. Not a liter of vodka every day, but still destroying your brain. And he tried to quit alcohol twice in his life. Unsuccessfully. Let's hear how he fared in the third.


Awareness trainer Paulius Rakštikas about Mindfulness practices and why they are so important

Paulius Rakštikas


"Witch Sanctuary" about 365 days creative challenge #kuriukasdien365

on your instagram can be seen to continue 365 days of creativity challenge. How did this idea come about? Why did you start?

Hello Daniel 🙂 I will try to answer this simple question. But usually these are the most difficult to answer 🙂


Jurgita Raudonytė: How did I become a freelancer?

What are you working?

In short, I am a freelance copywriter and personal freelance consultant.


Cloud Beta: How did I start getting up earlier in the morning?

I would like to share another story about what life is like when you get up earlier than most, says Beta from the cloud.


Gabriele Nečejauskaitė: How did I get started making vegan cheeses?

Then tell me… If you were a soup, what kind of soup would you be? (Don't worry, we'll move on to more normal questions after this one :D)

Chillies (vegan) with hot potatoes 😀


The life of a film translator (and vegan)! Interview with Mykolas Triukšmas

Hello, Michael!


How did I become a nutrition and sports specialist? Interview with the author of "Rojaus daržo" Lile

Let's talk…


Aivaras Kalinauskas: How I started living healthier and it only took 7 years

Hello, Aivar! First, introduce yourself. In five sentences or less - who are you?

I am an ordinary person who grew up in a small town. I went to school, then I moved to a slightly bigger city to study and gain knowledge. After successfully completing my studies, I am moving on to life.


Programmer Edgar: How did I become a professional basketball player?

Hello to you who is reading this text. Daniel suggested to take an interview from me, I agreed. Why did I agree? First of all, because he asked nicely, secondly, because I always wanted someone to take an interview from me and not distort it, not try to turn me into a clown if I don't do it myself.


Interview with a cloud girl: How I Set 100 Crazy Goals for This Summer (And Beat Them)!

Hi Daniel! I hope I made it to the train and will be able to contribute to your article. 🙂


How I threw the TV out of the house and how it changed my daily life

Indre, tell us what challenge you took on and why you chose it?


How I quit my job and started blogging

Hi Camila! First, introduce yourself. In five sentences or less - who are you?


Antanas Bakšys: How did I start getting up at 6 in the morning?

Some people (or animals like me) find it very easy to get up early in the morning. For others, getting up before noon is a difficult task.


My unexpected trip to India and how I learned to be truly happy there

Hello, Eve. First, introduce yourself. In five sentences or less - who are you?


Loreta Fokienė: How did I start cooking without eggs?

In five sentences or less - who are you?

In this life Loretta, a woman, a mother of 5, who likes to do things I've never done before. There are still a lot of first times left, so there will be many more challenges.


For 14 days in a row, I (with my family) thanked the world: Reduced stress and dissatisfaction

Hi Diana. First, introduce yourself. In five sentences or less - who are you?


How to become the most famous writer in Lithuania? [Interview with Debesylos pot]

As every morning, the alarm clock rings. Like every morning, I ignore him. As every morning, it is inevitably time to get up. Shower, breakfast, charmed public transport and, finally, reached the destination.


Remigius Šimašius: What is the meaning of my life and how to become a politician

Remigijus Šimašius: former Minister of Justice of Lithuania and member of the Seimas, now working as the mayor of Vilnius and admiring the Internet with his vigor. Have you heard of this one?


The creator Simona answers: "The creator should take care of himself like Tamagochi"

When I met Simona half a year ago, I only knew two things about her: she likes bright hairstyles and I like it.


Romas Zabarauskas: How I translate Vilnius as a friendly city

What is most important in life? Eeeeh yes love! And it doesn't matter at all - you are a pig or a filmmaker. Today, my interlocutor is public figure and artist Romas Zabarauskas!


How I became a style consultant

Have you ever wondered how much a person's appearance determines? Where do the eyes go first when meeting a person? Undoubtedly - in clothes.


A primer on positive thinking with Evaldus Laimingoi

You may have already met Evald. Maybe you saw him walking down the street (where he often meditates) or even talked to him? Then you will agree that it is easy to get quotes from him for all cases of life. 


How I lived without sweets for 7 days: tiny, but a tough challenge for me

Challenges should not be set for the sake of impressing others with them and getting hundreds of "likes" on Facebook. They should be raised for themselves.


Interview with Matt Weyland: How to interest and hook a girl?

And how do you manage to communicate with citizens of the opposite (or same) sex? Yes, I know this is a personal question, but I was wondering - do you have sweaty palms too? (Or hooves?)


How I built the play, which was watched by President Dalia Grybauskaitė?

Today's interviewee, Milda, not only imagined, but took and implemented the idea: She staged the Vilnius University MIDI Rock Opera!


How to save your thoughts and keep your notes? Advantages of one large binder

Goal of the day: 1329 words. Written: 1074.


How do you create a list of crazy goals? (Danske Bank journalists speak)

Goal of the day: 724 words. Written: 1204.


A strange introduction of piglet Antanas

Goal of the day: 576 words. Written: 605.


"Minimalism has always been a logical way of solving problems for me"

Goal of the day: 543 words. Written: 583.


Is it possible to make money from a blog? (Or how many euros I earned from "The Lazy Manifesto")

Goal of the day: 477 words. Written: 1200.


"I would like to grow old and be like Algimantas Čekuolis"

Goal of the day: 203 words. Written: 849.


Victoria Grumblytė: How I wrote a 100 page book in 7 days

Some people want to write a book all their lives and don't write it. Others inadvertently promise their gurus to do so and write a book in seven days.


An honest review of Happy Puppies + Interview with author Alex Monaco

Alexander… Oh, I'm sorry! Alex Monaco. Personal image specialist and writer and motivator. Have you heard of him?


Interview with Povilas Panav: How did I learn to communicate when talking to strangers in Lithuania?

Imagine that one day, a colleague at your new job invites you to a party. Let's say a "getting to know you" party.