How did I become a nutrition and sports specialist? Interview with the author of "Rojaus daržo" Lile

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Let's talk…

Hi Lil. In five sentences or less - who are you?

Hello, I'm Lilė - a healthy lifestyle and nutrition consultant. I am also a trainer and a member of the sports organization "Myhero". Apart from these several activities, I also have several hobbies – blog "Paradise Garden" and I am the co-owner of the Monday delight project, a sports blog.

Tell us what challenge you took on and what were the rules?

First of all, the fact that while studying "Food Industry Business Management" in Kaunas, things turned out in such a way that I got well established in one of the insurance companies. I did extremely well there and soon became the group leader.

Later, I decided to leave Kaunas and go to Vilnius, I became the head of the Sub-Division for a short time...

...And THEN I realized that somehow everything is going "too well" here, when meanwhile I am not happy at all and my activities do not bring me daily joy.

I realized that I had to change something. It was extremely difficult (or maybe not so much), because that job "brought" me a very good income, which allowed me to live well 🙂

But one day I said that I was leaving this job and I went into coaching and nutrition.

Overall, how did you go about achieving your goal?

It was really hard to overcome, but I always felt that there was light at the end of the tunnel. And how bright it is. 🙂

But what stood in your way the most and what did you do when it was difficult?

Stereotypical advice and thinking from those around you. In addition, I had to fight with "demons" inside me, who say: don't do it, don't worry, stay where you are, it's good enough here.

Well... that's how it turned out it was BRUTALLY difficult for a while, I even had to borrow money, because everything I did required money everywhere, only investment, but no returns.

I wanted to give up everything and find a simple job from 8 to 17 and not think about anything. I used to go to such extremes that I thought, why can't I be a normal person, go to the office, work from morning to night and not think about it.

Of course, the next day or a couple of days later, I realized that this is only the language of weakness.

However, I felt that I was probably moving in the right direction, because all the acquaintances that started to "creep in" were so interesting and useful that I couldn't believe how cool it was to go my own way.

Well, during the coaching courses, I met a like-minded person, now a friend - Neringa, thoughts flowed freely with her - sports, nutrition, relationships - there were endless topics.

We "chatted" from morning to night, in the end we are now partners and co-owners of the "Monday delight" sports blog. She started this requirement alone, and we finished it and continue to develop it together.

What did you learn during your challenge?

We all came to this world to fulfill some mission. You don't have to be an entrepreneur or a butcher. Everyone here has to discover their purpose, mission and then LIVE, live and enjoy what you do.

It doesn't have to be waiting for the weekend since Monday! It must be m-ga-vi-ma-sis 🙂 So I learned to follow my inner self, to discover myself in general.

So at the same time, I completely gave up alcohol and smoking (although I never smoked:D), a DIFFERENT phase began, a different life, a different way of thinking.

Do you have any advice for people who want to repeat or surpass your adventure?

Yes. If you have the weirdest, seemingly impossible ideas, go for it.

Take a piece of paper and write everything down… Everything that comes to mind. And then add to that sheet daily. And then - take action! FORWARD 🙂

If you ask, is it worth the risk? Really so. Because you will begin to LIVE! not according to someone else's priorities, but according to your own, only your own!

Soooooo… What challenge will you take on now? Already have ideas or secret desires?

I have, but they won't be so secret if I tell them 🙂 everything is in the future, we'll see everything 🙂

Thank you, Lily!

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