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How to optimize illustration sizes easily + quickly? And why optimize illustration sizes at all?

A photo weighing 5 MB on the Internet is madness. So how do you optimize illustration sizes easily and quickly?


I strongly support both ecology, veganism and zerowaste - because they are exactly the same

Interviewed by: JBG+Alumni. Published for the first time European Commission on Facebook.

I myself strongly support both ecology and veganism and zerowaste - everything related to ecology and economy, because basically it's one thing - my thing.


Is it really necessary?

First published: https://dvitylos.lt/lt/work/ar-tikrai-reikia/. Below is an unedited version of the conversation.


Daniel, who has decided to live by "producing" as little garbage as possible: "Minimalism is my philosophy"

I grew up in a healthy family - we always respected nature, my grandfather raised bees (until he got old a few years ago), and my mother kept saying - garbage must be collected! Throwing anywhere is wrong.


How did I start sorting and learn to change my habits?

Question received: