Interview with a cloud girl: How I Set 100 Crazy Goals for This Summer (And Beat Them)!

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Hi Daniel! I hope I made it to the train and will be able to contribute to your article. 🙂

I just want to tell a story about myself. What I was before and what I am now. 🙂

First of all, I would like to start by saying that everything is possible in life. A person can do everything, but everything requires effort.

Before, three years ago, I was insanely withdrawn, unfriendly, always angry and dissatisfied with everything. When I got home I would lazily do my homework, and then the TV or computer would eat up my time (heh, those electronics).

Of course, it was quite sad that my friends didn't spend much time with me because I was always angry.

I think that there comes a time in life when a person "breaks through". Only he can do it himself, of course, the environment influences it. So, at the beginning of the summer, I set myself a goal - to apologize to those to whom I said/did something undeservedly bad and to meet new people who will become my friends.

Of course, the first month was very difficult, but I had to get used to it. Some, upon receiving my apology, were very surprised, and some apologized themselves, saying that they had been such "goats".

…Back to the present, I feel great and continue to improve. I try to find a language with everyone, I don't divide people according to what they read or what they think about people who stand out from the gray mass. And I'd like to brag a little - I'm doing pretty well, I have quite a few people I can turn to for anything.

Well, this summer, I challenged myself: A list of 100 things I had to do.

Well, you could find everything in it - from the fact that during St. Ona to visit church and attend mass, and then come back with pockets full of candy, which will now have to clean her teeth, to the point of washing her mother's car or reading "Paris Cathedral".

…Well, the list 100% did not come true, two points got in the way. But these will have to be cozy until next summer. 🙂

I really want to not be afraid of spiders and bats, and to plan my time. Regarding time - your articles helped a lot, now I have a regimen that helps me a lot, even the day has become longer - I can manage everything everywhere and I still have free time to catch up.

Well, I'm fulfilling the goals set for this month perfectly - to go to Šiluva, wish my friend a happy birthday and congratulate my neighbor on her establishment in another city.

I think if I can, anyone can. After all, I was very lazy. Bigger than all the sloths, even the panda.

I became friendlier. You just need to learn to discover more and more goodness in yourself and improve it. Well, if it is impossible to find the time, then without traveling home, you can find something in yourself that you would like to change, and start it.

Just thank you for letting me show up and help. Because what I discovered in the Cloud cannot be found anywhere else!

Oh, pala, pala, from the beginning - who are you!?

Why is the first question always the hardest? I've never been able to, but I hope to learn how to tell about myself. 🙂 I am Karolina from Kaunas district, I am 16 years old. In my spare time I am interested in art, reading books or sleeping.

I really like sleep, that's why my mother calls me koala, because they sleep as much as 22 hours a day.

And what did you do?

The idea of the challenge arose on the last day of the school year, when I had to say goodbye to all my classmates and teachers. Before this plan, it was one of the saddest days of the year because I had to realize that after this day there would be a lot of wasted time, flopping around in bed, or facebooking.

My friend and I were sitting on a bench in the park, we were waiting for the bus and we complained to each other that this summer will be as terrible as all the others, because we will not do anything, we will just sit at the computer, and when September comes, there will be nothing to tell both classmates and teachers. On the last day of the academic year, I returned home and went to organize my notebooks and notes: what to give, what to throw away. After opening the notebooks, the picture was quite sad, I wondered how teachers or classmates were able to read my writing when they were writing.

After putting everything in boxes and hiding it deep in the closet, I breathed a sigh of relief - it's finally summer!

I don't know how much of that sigh was joy and how much disappointment, but the conversation that day about the coming summer led me to despair. I was thinking - three months - an extremely long time, maybe something should be changed?

Aha! And then?

I wrote to my friend that I want to do something different, to walk to her place, to meet at least twice a month, because either way, we don't do anything.

After this little glimpse, she also thought that she should organize her closet. Then various ideas popped into my head that were ideal for occupying the time.

… In the draft, it seemed that 10 points were in sight.

But I wanted to do that and go there, so that number increased to 97.

The last 3 were the hardest to come up with. A friend was not very successful, she signed ~50, but later that list disappeared somewhere and that was the end of it.

...And I wanted to prove to myself that summer can be very long and you can do a lot during it!

How cool!

It took about a week to compile the entire list. The first goal I set for myself was to be outside all day. Oh my goodness, that day I realized that not only the summer can be long, but also the day itself. 🙂

The first goals were easy: Paint someone's nails, take a picture of the moon, or buy church candy.

These goals were fulfilled very quickly, I had already fulfilled them in the first month 36.

In the second month, I neglected the list a little, unplanned trips came up. So, the 29th in July, I think, was pretty good too.

Well, in August we had to push ourselves a lot - there were 35 outstanding points left!

…It was something like "Surviving without a phone and a computer for a month", very sad that I only lasted 9 days. "Telling only the truth all day long" was a rather difficult point, but it worked.

Of course, I am most happy to have fulfilled the 100th point - "Do something crazy".

Pretty abstract, isn't it? We walked 12 kilometers to our friend's neighbor. Gravel roads, dirt, roads, meadows, turns, asphalt and darkness. It took us about 2 hours, but we got delicious tea, a place to stay, and a little fear. I think that's pretty crazy.

Unexpected! Where did you get the inspiration for such a challenge?

I had read about such lists before, but I had never forced myself to experience it myself. Only one point remained unfulfilled - I did not learn how to lift my leg over my head during the summer.

...But I am improving in this area and I think that this will be the first implemented point next summer.

The challenge is very good, I advise everyone to do it, because anyone can make their summer a little more interesting, add new colors to it.

Each point had its positives and negatives - after 12 kilometers my soles were blistered and my shoes were torn, and I tanned my face with sunglasses on all day. NEVER wear glasses on a very sunny summer day (if you want to be a panda, of course)! And I really managed to acquire positive qualities: friendliness, politeness, normal daily routine, addiction to the computer was eliminated, and the list of films I watched was expanded.

Anyone can do it. I was able and you will be able to.

...Because this list can be presented in many different ways: a big poster, a simple notebook covered with scraps, maybe a "lottery" cut into some box (you draw and do what you draw), betting with a friend.

Lack of ideas? Ask your friends, search the Internet, and maybe you'll remember what you've been wanting to do for a long time and still don't get ready. The beginning is always the hardest, but after completing the first 15 points, you want to cross out more and more what you have already done.

Unexpected! Do you have anything else to add? I see you are good at telling stories without asking questions!

Well, this challenge was the first one that got me making lists of things I wanted to do for the summer and the seasons to come.

Achieving goals is most hindered by such a devil named I Himself. It's hard to get over yourself when you know you have to organize your closet so you can cross off another item on your list and enjoy yourself.

There were five temptations why I don't need it:

  1. I'm still young, I'll be able to;
  2. In the summer you need to rest;
  3. If my friend doesn't do it, then why do I have to do it alone;
  4. This one is too hard, let's change it;

The worst is the 5th temptation.

Through her I was able to waste a week for nothing!

Time doesn't turn back, I won't get any younger, summer is for adventure and fun, not for sitting at the computer or lying in bed long after lunch. My friend doesn't do it like that, but I came up with it, I need to do it, to show that it is possible and motivate me for the next season.

Nothing is too difficult.

I wrote down that I need to throw unnecessary things out of my room, but I'm very lazy, and I say: "Lie down, lie down, you'll manage, you'll manage." I won't be able to make it, because besides this point there are dozens more left. And lying around will not fix anything, you need to get up and do it, instead of looking for excuses for yourself.

After crossing off the last point, which I managed to do at the end of the summer, I felt mixed: Well, I did it, I fulfilled it, the summer didn't go well, but later I thought: "What's next, this is the end of the road?"

…And something inside told me no, this is just the beginning.

I thought, at best, I would complete at least 40 out of 100, but I outdid myself. It turns out that you can climb over yourself. I did not believe and did not trust my strength at all that I would be able to do so much!

And now autumn is coming, I'm planning a new 100 by September 20, I think I'll be able to discover even more than in the summer challenges. By the way, the autumn evenings are very helpful here, because I plan to read 5 books during them.

Maybe I will succeed, after all, you can never underestimate yourself. 🙂

Thank you for conversation!

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