What if you start a lot of projects but don't finish them? [Challenge You]

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I know It happens to me too. I come up with new, really genuinely interesting and good ideas, I start working on these projects...

...And years later, they are still mine localhost, github or just somewhere in the cloud.

Quite often I not only program, but also write. So I also have such writing jobs - book ideas that stopped at the introduction or the fifth word before the end.

What can be done to make those long-started projects worthwhile?

I have a challenge for you. One side project per year challenge.

"But maybe those extraneous projects are not worth finishing?"

Very good observation… Er... What's your name? …I didn't hear? You know, I have to go on, so I'll just call you Tom… Very good point Tom!

Some side projects are not worth completing.


  1. You started and found that you no longer want to continue - the idea, the execution, something else is irreparably bad. In a word, the termination would be a letter in the sub-basin.
  2. You started, you learned a new programming language, tricks - and the lesson was more important to you. Literally, you listened to Mark Zukenberg and moved fast and broke things.
  3. You started, you wanted to, but now you turn your attention elsewhere - because you understand that you won't be able to do everything, so you focus on what is more important to you personally.

All of these reasons are good.

And if at least one of these reasons is yours, then there is no need to finish those projects. Forget it. Why are you even reading these words? Don't have anything better to do? Tom…

"...What if I really want to finish that side project?"

Then I have a challenge for you.

Why are you delaying the completion of your project?

I know. Because I've been in your shoes, Tom. (By the way, your summer sandals are quite comfortable.) I myself had, and still have, mountains of unfinished projects.

But over time, I've learned to consciously be lazy and just focus on one project at a time.

When I focused, miracles happened.

When I started setting myself challenges (30 days, weeks or years...), I started to overcome them. Articles and projects have finally become realized things! This is how the entire Debesyla.lt blog, as well as "Tinginio manifestas", and...

Well, literally, I got a lot of things. Money, by the way, too. After all, customers are already the kind of people who pay euros for implemented projects and products. You probably are too.

…How about focusing on one project this year?

Let's see:

  1. If you start and see that you don't want to continue, you could stop. This is not a wedding. This is just an attempt to implement the project.
  2. If you like it, it probably wouldn't take you that long. Just. You could probably finish it in less than a year.
  3. You could immediately tell your friends and Facebook followers about the idea - you would find volunteers and like-minded people who would help.
  4. And regardless of when you finish, you could be proud of the achievement that you didn't spend this year wallowing in boring, pointless projects at work.

Realistically, one way or another - you have a win.

The hard part, of course, will be focusing.

How not to lose focus again? You can try the x method, daily reminders, the creation of a daily routine, you can wallpaper large reminders on the wall or create a space of appropriate emotional inertia, sign up for a paid sparrow or try extreme Stickk reminders, you can learn to keep reminding yourself of the meaning of the project or... Well, do I know how? you live? Tom, I don't know the hell! Test your methods, dammit.

But most important:

You just have to start and try to launch.

According to LEAN or whatever you want. It doesn't matter. I challenge you. For the challenge of one outside (and future completed) project per year.

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