You are not irreplaceable and no one needs you... But that is not bad!

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It hurts to feel that you (and especially you) are not needed. Because… Well… This is true. There are thousands like you.

Others can do your work faster, better or cheaper. Your children or parents can live without you. And, in general, who are you?

This needlessness can lead to sadness. Is anger? Some people, because of this twisted thought, fall into depressive disorders or begin to seek attention in ways that require attention, and therefore turn others away pretty damn quickly.

Being unwanted is not nice. As you can see.

…But it's not unusual!

It is likely that a lot of people can do the job of a sweeper, a driver or a mother. It does not require a high education, decades of experience or genetically strong muscles.

But your work is still valuable. Even if you don't get thanks for it, because it seems that way to others self-explanatory and easy

After all, it's likely that you don't often thank the cashiers or compliment the employees of the supermarket hall on how well they stacked the packages of pasta on the shelves. Alas. What cool guys. Must share on my facebook.

And you don't need to.

Of course, it would be nice for them (us), but... It's probably natural that we notice the things we don't have ourselves the most? That we focus on the best in the world because we don't have the time (and attention) to devote to everyone?

Never mind. It is normal.

Your work is still valuable. Even if him can perform thousands of other people. Even if him is already performing.

Just because there are thousands of postmen in Lithuania does not mean that there should be fewer of them. Postmen and other logistics workers are essential - goods and parcels must move.

And it's okay that there are many like you.

You are just a great team. Of course, your tasks are different, but you work in the same field. And someone is paying you for it. It's likely that if your work wasn't needed, it wouldn't pay.

And that too… Normal. Never mind.

Your work is still valuable. Even if there is no one for him does not pay. Or pays so little, that hardly comes out on work tools.

Just because there are hundreds of thousands of citizens in Lithuania... Err... Citizens... (Civilian citizens? So be it.) ...Helping their neighbors, picking up trash thrown by the wind, rescuing animals or raising their children, does not mean that they are not needed.

And I think that's obvious.

The world won't stop moving because some mugger couldn't carry his coffee cup any further, and it's rolling in the middle of a park path. (A cup, not a mug.) Will not stop moving if no new children are born. Won't you stop because it will be difficult, painful, lonely for someone...

…For the world to spit on. In the longer term, that is.

Ten thousand years from now, hardly anyone will remember how you shared the cool #Zerowaste Lithuania group on social networks or how you convinced that only a stump can vote for Donald Trump. (Or a tree.)

And that's normal. It's not something special. However, even your non-exclusivity is a non-exclusive fact.

…But it's not bad!

This is not good.

... Well, it's true, others may have argued with kindness. After all, it might be good to be unexceptional: nothing important depends on you, so you will not make mistakes that will harm billions of people and other beings.

(After all, if you were exceptional, and everything depended on your decisions - it would be awful as hell! Don't you think? I wouldn't put up with such tension...)

But, I personally think that it is neither good nor bad. It just is. That's what we are already - unremarkable.

  • And we can grieve because of this uniqueness.
  • Trying (unsuccessfully) to escape from it. Others run very far - after all, vodka is not that expensive.
  • We can be angry, jealous of those who seem exceptional. But on the Internet or in the media, anyone can look like this, as long as they do not advertise their non-exclusive part...
  • We can try to make ourselves special in the eyes of others. "Wow, you'd be nothing without me!" say people who we don't believe a damn thing about. "If you don't buy me clothes, I won't be your girlfriend!" said one of my exes. "If I hadn't come up with a nickname for you, you wouldn't be Debesyla", says a friend whose truth, but this way of presenting the truth doesn't help her become unique.
  • We can put our hands over our ears and repeat "No, we are all special, we are all wonderful, we are all God's children, so it follows that I am also very wonderful"…

But it is unlikely to help. To become exceptional or anything at all.

Instead, we can reconcile.

I. We. You. None of these and especially you. We are not exclusive. We have never been. Even if mommy or daddy or the kindergarten teacher repeated it. We probably never will. Maybe... But hardly.

And there is nothing like that here. After all, it is not shameful!

We can still be who we are. Doing what we do. Continue your work. To be interested in the world. Sometimes it's good to cuddle and play. Giving yourself to loved ones and strangers. To be a mediator for your Gods, beliefs, feelings and sensations.

We can just live. And that's enough.

Don't you think?

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