What is emotional freedom?

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Recently I thought - what is this emotional freedom anyway? I remember hearing the phrase "emotional freedom" a long time ago now and thinking that this is what I want.

It used to seem that a person with emotional freedom is doing well, he gets everything he wants.

He is brave, confident, relaxed. People approve of him, he approves of himself. But when I hear this phrase now, I hear it in a completely different way.

Those who seek emotional freedom face two poles of life.

On the one hand, we have endless attachments in this life, and on the other hand, we have endless things we don't like or want to experience, like jobs we don't like or fears.

If a person only "handles" the things he does not like, sooner or later he begins to accept life as it is and begins to enjoy it.

The amount of fear decreases, courage and confidence appear. And such a person usually dives into life and tries with all his might to be a successful person and fulfill all his wishes.

  • But is it emotional freedom?
  • Is it just an addiction to success and a beautiful life story?
  • Will such a person ever stop pursuing goals and rest?

The other side of the coin is the things we love and are attached to. It's much easier for people to "drop" them than things we don't like.

Many don't even want to see things they don't like or work with fears, anger, because it's not pleasant.

If a person "works" with attachments, sooner or later he experiences various non-standard life experiences. Attachment to success and worldly desires falls away. There is freedom to think freely.

People often fall into a trap where they can very easily drop the desire to pursue something instead of pursuing it.

…And does not see the hostility hidden in the background. This is one of the poles when you manage only attachments.

The golden mean is to manage both attachments and antagonisms. Then you not only have the power to create and move in life, but also free from other people's wishes and aspirations imposed on you or the eternal pursuit of them.

You are free even from your whole history. You are free even from the idea of 'I'.

This is the kind of freedom I am thinking about. And I think that this is the kind of freedom we should strive for. Still, it's a freedom worth fighting for.

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