What do Muslims, Christians and Pochuists have in common?

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No, not that putting them together in a headline will result in something so interesting that you'll click to read it.

The three types are:

  1. Believing in the power of God.
  2. Believing in the power of God.
  3. Believing in the power of meaninglessness.

Believe the same:

Anything bad that happens is God's doing. And that's why you shouldn't fret, cry and otherwise kill yourself by raising cortisol and adrenaline levels in your body - you should spit and focus on what is good.

Some fucker ran into your car and fled the scene?
Whatever you do, God is great - he knows what is better.

You were going to give a concert for your friends in a beautiful park, but it started raining?
God is merciful - he has only protected you from something worse.

Someone stood in front of you in the queue for the supermarket checkout?
Well, that's life - you wouldn't have saved much time anyway.

Did he leave you?
No big deal, you'll get on with your life.

Your work has been destroyed?
No big deal, you'll try again.

Did you get yelled at and leave?
No big deal, you don't have to explain yourself to everyone.

You don't have to take everything personally.

If something bad happens, it doesn't mean it's because of you. And even if you're told it's because of you, it doesn't mean it's because of you.

Sometimes things happen.


Id. Cursed. Life.

Things happen and you didn't even think they could happen!

You don't always have to be ready.

Because you can't do it.

Sometimes it starts raining because somewhere, 2 kilometres above you, the water droplet daddy loved the water droplet mummy very much and... Well, things happen.

Sometimes, on the way to the shop to buy spring ice cream, you puncture a tyre with a random bolt.

Sometimes you even go on a date without realising that your mouth stinks of onions and hell knows what.

Could you have foreseen this?

If you're clairvoyant, of course. If you're sane, not so much.

You don't have to cry when something bad happens.

Because life doesn't care what happens to you.
Because Gods don't care what happens to you.
To be honest, I don't give a damn either.

Why do you care so much about something bad?

Do you really believe that being married will make things better? That if you go to a friend for comfort and tell them "Well, yes, they're all bad", the world will change?

Damn it.

The world is underwater. Why is it not for you?

Reading the writings of Roman politician and philosopher Marcus Aurelius from antiquity, one can find observations about things one cannot predict.

If you read the Old Testament, you will find the same thing. Sometimes God gets a creep and decides to wipe everyone out, or burn down a city or two.

If you read many other ancient texts, you will find the same damn thing.

Life is meaningless.
You are just dust.
No one cares about your future.
Nothing will change, even if you do a lot.
We will all die anyway.

So why don't you focus on what is more important?

You, on the other hand, can rejoice.

Rejoice because you are alive. Rejoice because you are. Rejoice because you can still rejoice.

And it doesn't matter what kind of God you believe in - God, God or God.
Let Gods be Gods.
Let them do things.

And you live.

Because you can.

Everything will be fine. And it is when you look at the positive.


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