Why do we stop learning and when is "learned" not a lie?

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Today I met a girl with whom conversation, starting with an introduction and discussion of H. Hesse's "Glass Bead Game", progressed to a conversation about learning...

It wouldn't be a special story if it weren't for one "but". One clink, a shot that blew my brains out on that clean and barely lit wall of the room, standing quietly behind me. A thought struck me and I rammed the trauma into the walls of the room.

What's the point, you ask?

Here, I'll tell you. I realized... Well, or at least I think I realized... That, well, actually, we we never fully learn everything.


Wait, wait, don't say "Hey, you told me the news!". No need for sarcasm, at least not yet.


Did you wait? So here is what I wanted to tell you. We never fully learn because we always stop learning when we think we know everything. Regardless, whether it's true or not.

Or as Socrates and Aristotle said (and, as you know, they rarely agreed on anything) - only a learned person does not know that he does not know something.

This is quite an interesting principle, because in larger companies, employees in higher positions always find themselves in a situation that they do not know. In order to maintain the best growth rate of the corporation, it is important to promote people as much as possible. Because if not raised - they will never learn new skills.

And when we finally learn to live in our own place, we become stagnant.

You lived, you lived. It was bad. You didn't know what to do, you didn't know how to earn money, you didn't know how to love your wife (or husband). And then you gained experience over the years and decades.

Become the master of your life!

…And then came not sadness, but happiness.

Stagnation and happiness at the same time. Don't you believe? Then try to remember the last time you successfully learned something. What was the last subject you studied? Drive? Fry an egg? Knit? Did you graduate with a bachelor's degree in business management? It doesn't matter who it is.

More importantly, remember that feeling when you finished and looked blissfully at the fruit of your work.

Do you remember that happiness? do you feel

…And at the same time, do you really think that you have learned everything and there is nothing left to learn? Don't you think? Now that you think about it, you realize what's left? And here you are, earlier you did not think of a single thing that still needs to be learned.

And you felt happy, joyful, you were probably proud of yourself. So there you go. You're studying. You thought you learned. You finished the job happily... And there is still work left, it turns out!

Of course, others may feel sad when they get stuck in the routine of life.
But I'm sure you're not such an idiot.

…And you will be glad that now that you have a solid foundation under your feet, you can climb up!

We stop learning when we fulfill all our old dreams and finally stop worrying about those "simple" things. For example, you no longer worry about what exactly you will eat or which clinic you will go to when you get sick with a strange disease. Are you no longer worried about where you will wash your underwear - you are already used to washing them, probably in the washing machine.

And your "learned" is not a lie when you can live peacefully, undisturbed, relaxed.

What? Bored? Then challenge yourself! Look at your old dream list (don't have one? take it and write it down!) - put a new wall in front of you and try to jump over it. Similar to how Olympic athletes jump over walls and hurdles.

What? Scared to do something new? Then don't do it. And you don't need to. You can do it when you want - you don't need to force yourself with other people's wishes.

"Daniel, it looks to me like you're off topic..."

Yes, a little. What I'm trying to say is, just remember: if you ever have days where you want to shoot yourself out of boredom, be glad you've reached a point where you don't have to worry anymore.

And also be happy that your knowledge does not end there, you can learn more - so push the boundaries, raise yourself to an unfamiliar level and feel the thrill again.

When the excitement wears off - stop and you will return to a calm life again.

Peace and fear are your choices. How you live is your choice. Isn't that fantastic?


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