How to become confident?

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It's simple!

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  2. Trusts.


Well, on a more serious note...

All people have flaws, but we are also unique and unique. Even if your appearance or skills are not what you would like, this should not be a limitation or create a feeling of distrust.

How to trust yourself? Here are some ideas.

Discover your talents and good qualities.

No matter how bad you feel, embrace your self-love and remember what you are best at. Remembering this will drive away your bad emotions and boost your self-confidence.

Remember your abilities, your skills, your uniqueness or even your talents. If it's hard to remember, use the following tips:

  • Remember the compliments given to you. Perhaps they noticed a charming smile, the ability to remain calm even in very difficult situations. Be sure to "beautify" those people with plenty of compliments - remember their words and verbal gifts.
  • Remember past achievements. Maybe you were a school topper? Or you didn't make friends at university and everyone loved you? Realize how great you were and consider whether it's time to be that way again? Not only like this, but even better.
  • Remember the qualities you have cultivated. There are no perfect people, but if you have tried and are still trying to become better, give yourself a small gift for your efforts. Just because you are trying to become better, you already have the good quality.
  • Make a list of only good wordsit's about you. Traits, talents, uniqueness, everything good. Take a look at it next time you're in a bad mood.

Remember that EVERYONE (even Mr. Danielius and Mr. Andrius Tapinas) struggles with mistrust.

Many people are good at hiding their insecurities, but almost everyone struggles with them. You are not alone with this problem.

  1. Try not to think that everyone is watching you. Many have this problem and think that every detail is visible to all people. This is not the case. Everyone cares more about their own navels. Oh, and you don't always have to look perfect.
  2. Boost your confidence giving compliments to others. Meet people and sincerely give them a few compliments. Not only will it brighten that person's day, but it will also give you more joy and strength.
  3. Stop comparing yourself to others. Life is not a competition, you don't have to be the first, the best and the most amazing everywhere to be happy. If you need to fight someone so badly, fight your insecurities, not other people.

Look confident.

Or as they say: "fake it until you make it". If you know you look confident, then you will feel confident. Rfarm by myself Take time every day for hygiene and your appearance.

  • Collects otherwise. You don't have to wear your best clothes every day, but you can dress neatly and stylishly in everyday clothes. Before you go to bed, think about what you will wear the next morning.
  • Smile and look at eye. It's simple, but it works one hundred percent. People who look happy and look into another person's eyes evoke a feeling of trust.

Don't be afraid to try something new!

Little by little, things will happen.
You will see.

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