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I really think you once dreamed of becoming a famous person. The kind that others admire and follow his every move or creation.

And do you know how Andrius Užkalnis, the Dalai Lama, Steve Jobs, Duke Vytautas Didysis and that donut kiosk seller everyone knows are similar?

Yes, that similarity is what made them famous. And this is the same similarity, thanks to which they can earn a living just from their favorite activity.

You want to make a living (and more) from a job you love, right?

Here is the similarity: They all work for other people.

Work for others and you will become more famous than you ever expected.

All these people have one thing in common: They create and work for others... And they love it.

And the audience, their followers - present and future - see it. They separate sincere work from insincere work. And appreciate it.

If you want to become a famous and successful person, you don't need much - you just need to create value. It doesn't really matter what that value will be, but it is important that it is there.

Let me explain: Imagine you are a student looking for ways to become more productive. And when you browse the Internet, you find two pages: an Instagram profile with lots of cute selfies and a website with someone's personal experience in the search for productivity. What do you choose?

Absurd question? It is clear that you choose the website that solves the problem?

It goes without saying. But is this understandable for those trying to become celebrities as quickly as possible?

Create value and become a brand.

As frustrating as it is, all too often people who try to become famous try to become famous without creating any value. No value. The content they create (selfies and shares on Facebook) may be interesting for themselves... But for others, it is worthless.

The difference between a person who can make money and someone who can't is that the person who can is constantly creating value.

The value may vary. This may be interesting and useful information, may be interesting articles about toilet paper and the Soviet era or it can be even just funny observations.

It really doesn't make much of a difference - what matters is that the content has value.

Create value and you will become famous. Really.


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