"I would like to grow old and be like Algimantas Čekuolis"

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Goal of the day: 203 words. Written: 849.

Today I was interviewed by a motivator and an entrepreneur Alex Monaco. Here's how our conversation went.

Daniel, how are you different from other self-improvement writers?

The fact that I'm not Ilzė Butkutė and I'm not some Alpha Male. These two creators are examples of people whose content I don't like on principle - no evidence, no honesty, constant tempering of their beliefs...

…I try to emulate blogs when I create Wait But Why, the author of Super Gentis or to Niall Ferguson, who wrote the incredible book "The Triumph of Money" and is now named one of the 100 most influential people of the year. I try to emulate authors who rely on:

a) personal experience;

b) crazy openness about his feelings and experiences;

and c) scientific research.

So, I try to combine all three mentioned parts of good writing: experience, feelings and mind!

As a result, I also lose some readers - for some, the articles are too scientific, for others, they would like a nice quote on a picture with Millionaires. For others, something is still not right. But I have my audience and I'm happy with it. I have my Clouds and I love them. I write for them.

What do you want from this life?

I would like to grow old and be like Chekuol. I'm already trying to become as intelligent and inspiring as he is, despite his sometimes strange views.

I want to find a wife and create one or more children or adopt them. I don't care where the kids are from - but fuck, I want a wife. Maybe it's the hormones of youth - I'm 24 after all, so it would be weird if I didn't want it.

I want to feel happy. And because I realize that happiness doesn't come when you buy a faster car, but when you start to believe, that you are happy... This is simply how I am! Simple.

I also want people around me to feel happy too. That is why I give random compliments to passers-by in Kaunas, and with my texts, thoughts and words I try to inspire and help others. If they want it, of course. After all, if I forced them, they wouldn't be happy.

What would you recommend to someone who wants to change as soon as possible?

I would recommend relaxing. And then don't change. Do nothing. Put your imaginary sausage. And do nothing. Absolutely. Because if you really want to change faster... Why haven't you done it yet?

Is "lack of knowledge" really your weakness? Is "I don't have the courage" really your weakness? Is "I need motivation" really that magic spell that, despite meaning nothing, justifies a lack of action?

What would boxer Mohamed Ali do in your place, in your moment, in your life? What would Jesus do in your place? And what would other fighters we admire do in your place?

They didn't mind if they "didn't know how" to do something. But bother you?

No. If you say that you want to change faster, but you haven't done it for six months (or a month)... You simply don't want it enough. And if you don't want to, why do you want to?

How long does it take for a person to become what they always wanted to be?

My change took about 0.4 seconds.

For more than 3 years since I started writing Clouds, I wanted to become a writer. And I thought "oh, to be the one who writes and reads it"... I longed for it and dreamed about it. I planned how I would do it, I did it, I wrote it...

…And then, about 9 months ago, at the beginning of this year, I had a thought one day while pouring a cup of black tea: “…But pala. I am a writer! After all, I'm already doing THAT and I'm already living THAT way!".

It was a realization that lasted only a quarter of a moment. And it was my change that I worked for 3 years. And if you want to change your life, you too may have to work for 3, 4 or 56 years. But when you do, it all pays off.

In my opinion, there are no quick changes. Even the addiction to smoking or alcohol (or Heroin) is not acquired through one generation, but through so many small "just a little" attempts. Dependence on personal growth - too.


  1. work
  2. Work longer.
  3. Work harder.
  4. Are you tired? Okay, take a break. …And then work.
  5. Reward yourself - you've already been working for a year. Keep working.
  6. Enjoy yourself. Because at some point you realized that you finally reached your goal.

What is the difference between happy puppies and unhappy ones?

Happy dogs are those who have the ability to observe themselves. They are brave, intelligent, self-aware. They are happy, they share themselves constantly - despite the fact that they get nothing in return! Happy puppies are those who can be an example to everyone.

Of course, we shouldn't all become dog-faced - it's not good for everyone to strive for the same ideal. But they are an example - a stepping stone to true, sincere personality. A step towards yourself.

I, for example, am Laimingas danielius (Latin for "Dama dama"). Because I don't really like dogs, I have a small fear of them since childhood. And fallow deer are interesting animals. Check it out!

What would you do if you knew that a comet was going to hit Earth tomorrow?

I would probably write a post on Debesyl and my personal Facebook profile to reassure others. That everything will be fine - that nothing is wrong. I was reminded of the Sad Dragons' songs "Mylėkime babaigas" and "Malka".

…It will all be over soon, but we have time now.

I would sit in the yard and watch nature. How she goes about her business, while somewhere in the background car alarms are blaring, someone's shouts or a strange, incomprehensible panic is in the air. I would watch nature, how it is not even aware of the approaching end and is happy to be there.

And I guess I'd be quite happy.

After all, when you live in this moment and are happy danielius, when you become open to yourself, when you enjoy the present and do not wait for a "magical" future... It is impossible not to enjoy everyday life.

What are your immediate plans?

To eat, to sleep, to write a message to this one girl whom I long to understand and charm. Keep writing, creating, speaking and sharing.

I'll admit it: I try not to make plans. Because I feel happier when I don't have them. And the future does not distract or spoil the present.


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