Why self-reward is a poor motivator for achieving goals… And what better to do instead?

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"Think of all the positives you'll get from achieving your goal or challenge, and you'll reach your goal before you know it."

- Probably a quote from some random "motivational" book

* * *

Reward yourself. This is recommended by everyone, it seems:

  • Your boss who eats most of your earnings for himself;
  • That book "100,000 Inspirational Quotes While Sitting on the Toilet" that costs 600 euros;
  • That Guru, having read one book about the Monk and the Zaporozhian;
  • Utena beer that wishes to celebrate every evening, morning and hearty lunch;
  • And hundreds tragic articles in local newspapers (see points 1 and 5).

…How can it not work!? Well, how can you not recommend it!?

Well, usually.

Yes, it works. But it's REAL not the best thing you could do. Well, at least I, personally, would ~never~ recommend it to you.

Because motivation with future self-rewards is not effective.

* * *

Here is an interesting, scientifically proven fact of human psychology:

We are often almost twice (and more) fiercer in defending what we have than we are in fighting for something we will still get in the future.

Even if the future advantage will be better than what we have now. Even if giving up what we have would be the best solution.

We tend to defend what we have. Instead of fighting for something new.

This can be seen in the activities of other people (others, of course, are easier to judge). Some groups in society and those around us struggle…

  • …Against immigrants because they will take away all the jobs;
  • …Against emigrants, because they will take all the jobs with them;
  • …Against gay people, because how can we allow someone to enjoy and love;
  • …Before independence, because of course it was better before;
  • ...Against the new shopping centers, because the ruins were also good;
  • ...Against new habits, a healthier life or quitting smoking, because everything has been the same so far. And grandmother Birutė, she drank all her life and is still alive, so wow!

And I believe that you can also see something in yourself that you fight for with all your limbs. For justice. For a peaceful and good life.

"Come on, don't bother me, I'm fine!"

This is normal for us. And to tell the truth, this psychological phenomenon is also used by clever merchants who are in a hurry to push their goods on us. Here's an example:

  • These are insurance agents offering to insure the car with Casco insurance, as if after an accident you will recover a car, not simply money.
  • This is the mother Maxima of all of us, offering to buy only from her and nowhere else, because she is time tested, a real mother. Not like those awful newer and better stores!
  • It's all those books and seminars that teach you how save relationships with other people, not how to avoid bad acquaintances altogether.
  • and myself Clouds the author. "Feel like you're wasting your life?" Then press this big green button and get emails from me.

Fear. Lose, misplace, miss opportunity or not regain.

I also manipulate these fears of yours (and all of us). After all, it is "scientifically tested and personally tested" for a reason. 😉

* * *

So what is this psychological phenomenon called?

In English it is Loss Aversion. And in Lithuanian, it would probably sound similar to "avoidance of losses".

And I guarantee that if you've ever bought… Well, I guess, whatever… You've come across it. Because this desire to save, what we have... Is common to everyone. Especially for people.

* * *

So. But what does this have to do with Goose?

Answer: In Cloud Gusi, I will use this psychological trick to help. And instead of encouraging you to achieve goals (and overcome challenges) with some kind of positive reward…

…Instead of medals, washing machines, cookies or hugs…

…I will make you fear for your future.

Or rather, in my system, you will force yourself to do it yourself. And you will be left with only two choices: to gather all your strength and not be lazy to do what you want to do... Or lose something very, very important.

What is that important thing?

Well… I'll reveal that in the future, a week or two before the Goose launches. (I still have maybe a month of work left.) I can only tell you right now that this is NOT your life, the lives of your loved ones, your home or your self-respect.

...Because it turns out that in Lithuania, threatening people with the greatest possible loss - death or lesser - blackmailing with honor is not allowed by law. Woe :'(

* * *

So, remember this psychological rule. And watch where you apply it.

Maybe you don't want to break up with a close but hated partner because you loved each other for so long? Maybe you're pulling something out of the fridge and eating it because it's going to go bad? Maybe you're saving your money for retirement, even though you still have 30-50 years left?

It's just Loss Avoidance speaking. It's just a secret desire to be safe and stay where we are. Not moving from the point of death until death itself comes to us.

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