How to become the most famous writer in Lithuania? [Interview with Debesylos pot]

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As every morning, the alarm clock rings. Like every morning, I ignore him. As every morning, it is inevitably time to get up. Shower, breakfast, charmed public transport and, finally, reached the destination.

And today they are new, although not quite shiny, Danielus Debesylos home After lifting the light metal gate, I knock on the door. Silence. I push louder. Silence. I look at the clock - it's time: neither too late nor too early. I carefully open the door and say hello to the empty house.

I am greeted by a small outhouse: on one side a bench for shoes and a hanger for clothes, on the other - a small stool on which stands a white paper mask. And the house is quiet. Well, maybe he's forgotten about me and is sitting around the plains and mountains of Skyrim with his headphones on (the same Daniel's favorite video game) running... So, I rush away, into the depths of the house.

I find the kitchen, where there is a table with a couple of cups, which, it seems, have not been washed for more than a couple of months... And there is nothing interesting there. I stand still for a minute and timidly sneak away.

A bedroom, and right behind it, maybe a study..? A fluffy carpet in the middle, one wall empty, next to the other a small table with a huge colored folder, a ribbon-tied jar full of red notes, and several books. Another wall is occupied by windows, and the third is decorated with Gustav's most banal painting - "The Kiss".

No matter how wonderful Klimt is, no matter how much I love his works, it's not at all surprising that Ikea, where I bought all the furniture for the house (well, maybe except for the vintage table), didn't have anything more interesting.

In the middle of the room, on the mentioned carpet, there is a low square table. Although Daniel himself is not at home, one thing is clear - he likes squares. The kiss is square, both tables are square, the table is also square! Even the room itself looks square.

- Good day. Daniel is not at home at the moment, - I suddenly hear. I barely punched a hole in the ceiling with the back of my head, jumping from that surprise. I look around... The room is empty...

- You are not looking there. I'm here! - I hear again. It's clear - I was an idiot, I didn't notice! And the teacup standing on the table says again:

- Daniel is not at home at the moment.

- I see that he is not there, - I answer, - do you know when he will return?

- No, - tea answers shortly.

I'm not funny anymore. It's not every day that I get the chance to interview such a celebrity. And we coordinated this for three months until he found a minute in his schedule. And there is no - not at his house. And the tea is warm - it means that it was recently. Maybe they saw me through the window and ran away? Did your hair look ugly? The outfit is not bright enough? Well, everyone knows that Mr. Debesyla likes to communicate only with bright-haired girls in bright clothes...

Tea, apparently noticing my anxiety, asks:

- What's the matter here? I know this room very well, maybe I need help finding something?

- No, no, - I answer. - I had arranged an interview with him...

- Aaa... Then nothing will happen... Although pala. Maybe I can help? Take it from me! - the tea jumps enthusiastically, a few drops fall on the white surface of the table.

Talking to tea is not the same as talking to Daniel himself. Not by a long shot. Well, if I came, why don't you go home empty-handed now? And the tea looks very enthusiastic…

"My name is Pasvalys," tea interrupts my thoughts. - Tell me, where do you want to start?

Looks like it's already been decided for me.. So, let's get started!

… …

… … …

Hello! It is a great honor and pleasure for me to visit you today of the most famous Lithuanian lazy person, Danielius Debesylos at home. Although the host himself is not at home, Pasvalys welcomes me very hospitably.

Pasvalys is one of Daniel's three tea cups, who were there during all the sessions of laziness, unemployment and procrastination, thanks to which Danielius became so famous in the Lithuanian pastoral scene.

Good day, Pasvaly! First, introduce yourself in five sentences or less about who you are.

As unexpected as it may sound, I am from Pasvaly, but I have been living with Daniel for some time. Ever since I moved into this house, my level of hygiene has dropped significantly - admittedly, through no fault of my own. And indeed - the eye is hungry for a brown spot inside the cup.

I mostly have to communicate with green tea - this kind of friendship is quite pleasant, only the leaves sometimes tickle the sides. After hearing this, the tea stirred and rippled. I spend my days either on this table or over there in the kitchen - you probably saw it coming. Spending my days like that, I also learned a lot about Daniel.

And how would you describe Daniel?


Could you expand a bit?

Laziness procrastinating. And, it's not enough that he procrastinates himself, he also doesn't tell others about his work on time - he delays until the last minute when he says what he expects and what kind of help he needs. And then he pretends not to be upset at all when he gets the answer that his friend can't help because he has his own life...

Any things I take care of when the conversation is over…

You know, maybe we can go to another question? If I spill too much, I'll end up like the other disobedient bulging cups. So.. Maybe you can keep these last sentences public? Please. Of course I could. But I decided not to listen.

And what is a typical day like for Daniel?

Gets up. Gets up late late. Sometimes it's long after noon... They make tea and sit down to write. And, imagine such a slyness - he completely forgets that he has tea! Sometimes I am not touched for hours…

But enough personalities. Well, it's Daniel's day. He sits down at the table and writes. Writes, writes, writes music after letting go... Writes and then gets up. And it begins - how wild it gets. The music changes and it starts going in circles... It's strange how he didn't break his back after tripping over the table leg.

It also happens that he disappears somewhere from the house... And here you really don't need to ask me what and with whom he is doing, what kinds of things he is doing.

Daniel recently published a book…

Yes, The Lazy Manifesto. It is not enough that the lazy person himself teaches laziness to others.

Can you tell us how this book came about?

It was a long, very long process, riddled from the start with procrastination, avoiding writing, and searching for something better.

In the beginning, there was an idea that a book was needed. Then for a year, maybe two, it was considered, about what you need to write a book - because it turns out that it is not enough to think that you want to write a book - you also need to think about what you are going to write the book about, what you are going to say in it.

The search for an idea lasted a long time, and when they ended, the first draft of the book was produced and the idea took shape.

It was and it stopped being. Then there was silence and the book didn't move anywhere for maybe half a year, maybe even longer. There was advertising, people made pre-orders, books were waiting. And there was no book. There was only a draft, from which hardly a single sentence made it into the final version.

And then, after a whole year, and then a second writing, some more thinking, reflecting, searching for ideas, writing, rewriting and a lot of laziness, the book was finally born - in about a month!

So, you see, the power of laziness - procrastinate for years and then start and suddenly do it!?

And do you know anything about Daniel's upcoming projects?

Another book will be published. Something about psychology. With the help of an expert. If that book will be published in the near future, it will only be due to the hard work and dedication of the expert. And in that case, don't forget that all the praise belongs to her!

There will be training. Debesylos and Valtininka. I don't really know what will be taught there. How about boating and cloud wandering? Cultivate a love of nature? Not for me, a simple cup filled with green tea, to understand this...

The Lazy Manifesto English translation awaits… And challenges, challenges, challenges. A lot of them.

Throughout the interview, you kept repeating how lazy Daniel is. Is there one activity he would NOT do?

To talk And the heavens are holy, when it's clear, it can rain non-stop for three days. I had to see more than once, when someone comes to visit, asks something, Daniel starts to answer...

...A person gets bored, goes outside for a few minutes, catches cats, snarls at a turtle, comes back. And he, not even noticing that the interlocutor was not a friend for a while, continues to pour out his wisdom...

Another thing is the challenges.

He will say that he needs to write a book, he will get busy with other work and postpone the writing of the book for a year ahead. But if you challenge yourself to write a book in three days - you won't eat, you won't wash, you won't go to bed, but the book will be written. Some kind of maniac.

Snort the turtle?

When you arrived, you probably noticed that this trio was built in the yard of another house. After all, a big man, already an adult, built a house for himself... In his parents' yard! Ha, he still goes to his mother's for lunch. And his mother washes his dirty underwear - even though he patched the holes in them himself.

But here I went astray again. Behold. There is a turtle in the parents house. The simplest pet turtle. You will neither add nor subtract anything here.

Daniel announces through all sources of information dissemination that looking for wife. Can you tell me what kind of man he would be?

Poor. Look at how he looks - his shirt is unwashed, his pants are washed... At one point, he was walking around completely torn... And you know what? It is not a wife's job to wear a man's shirt. Do you have hands? You have Fingers arranged differently than a woman? Well, you know, not really. Both men and women held me in their hands, they all work the same way, lift me the same way. So what can't you fix yourself? But hey, shake it and that's enough for him!

Well, to be fair, he knows how to patch up holes himself, so maybe all is not lost.

If it's not about household matters - look at the face book... Friends there change faster than the shades of the autumn forest. Only one other stays for a longer period of time. And it's the same with girls - you look quickly, quickly get bored, and then cry that you left her, until another red-haired tail wags under her eyes...

He doesn't need a wife, but maturity. Let him first learn to be his own master in peace, and then lead the master of the house, with whom he can share household chores, creative suffering, and his laziness.

Thanks For the sake of it for this interview.

It was very nice to hear the opinion about the brightest self-development star in the Lithuanian sky firsthand - unadorned and unpretended.

See you next time!

Jurgita Raudonytė

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