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Have you ever wondered how much a person's appearance determines? Where do the eyes go first when meeting a person? Undoubtedly - in clothes.

Although my field of vision is limited to the forward trajectory... But I do notice the shoes! I'm just wondering whether I know how to appreciate them or not...

Algirdas Gricius appreciates not only shoes, but also a person's entire style. And Algirdas understands style in a broader sense - it is not only clothing, but also behaviour and manners. In his blog, Algirdas advises men in Lithuania on clothing style!

About even 2 very stylish challenges says Algirdas Gricius, men's clothing consultant.

I invite you to read on to find out how many pairs of socks are needed for a balanced wardrobe, to discover what fantasy is in men's clothing and to get tips that will help more than just men to live a more stylish life.

Let's start the conversation!

Hi, Algirdas! First of all, introduce yourself. In five sentences or less - who are you?

I'm Algirdas Gricius, a 10-year IT professional who woke up one morning and decided to start looking into men's style and fashion. That's when the idea was born. a project called "Male Style"where I write articles and host various material related to men's style and fashion.

I have been doing this for a little over two years now. A few months ago, I also started giving style advice to men, not only via email or Facebook messages, but also in person.

Tell us about your challenge and its rules?

I didn't set any specific rules for the project "Men's Style" - I wanted to learn how to dress well, to become a men's style expert. What made the situation a bit unique was the fact that I'm in IT - it's not a secret that people who work here are usually associated with those who don't know much about style and fashion.

The rules for the latest challenge are very simple:

At the very least all year round, every day of the week I have to get dressed all the time different your outfit combination.

...Then take a picture of it, post it @algirdasgricius Instagram account and dedicated atwhere I also add a short story about why I decided to dress that way that day.

Of course, a different outfit combination could theoretically be one in which only the colour of the socks has changed, but I don't do that, and I create as many different combinations as I can, using the different clothes, shoes and accessories I have.

How many different clothes do you have in your wardrobe at the moment to take on such a challenge?

Somehow I have never made an exact calculation, so I only know roughly. But it's not a very large amount of clothes. Of course, it will probably be more than the average Lithuanian man has. 🙂

As I said, a rough estimate would be: suits - 5, jackets - 3, sweaters - 20, shirts - 20, trousers - 16, shorts - 5, short-sleeved shirts - 10, shoes - 16, ties - 30, socks - 50 (pairs, not singles).

Which accessories most often brighten up the clothes you wear?

My favourite accessories are, without a doubt, ties and fancy handkerchiefs (jacket pockets). With these accessories you can create a variety of completely different looking combinations in the same suit. The wide choice of colours and materials also makes it possible to create different combinations for both warm and cold seasons.

In addition, the tie can be tied in a different knot and folded in different ways to create an extra touch of uniqueness to the whole combination.

What is the biggest obstacle in your way?

When I started with "Male Style", there were hardly any interruptions. The only thing is that the project itself is quite niche, so I had to put more effort into attracting an audience - it's not easy to explain to men, especially older men, how to dress and what mistakes it's better not to make.

The main obstacle to the new challenge is probably that you have to take photos every day.

Well, it's not necessary, but since I set the rules for the challenge, I decided to do it this way - so that I wouldn't make my job easier by shooting the combinations for the whole week in one go. So, wherever I go, I not only have to take my camera with me, but I also have to make sure that I have a combination of outfits that doesn't overlap with the ones I've made in the past.

The other problem, which I haven't encountered yet, is lighting. I take my photos in the morning, before I go to work, so proper lighting is needed. I will definitely have this problem in winter, but the flash should help with it.

So what have you learnt from these challenges?

Thanks to "Vyro stiliaus", I did some things I never expected: I was filmed live on air, my articles were published by magazines and one of the biggest news portals in Lithuania, I met new people.

The current challenge, I think, is slowly teaching me the discipline to do the same thing every day, no matter what the conditions, no matter what I do, no matter where I am. At first glance, my challenge may seem simple and easy, but as the number of outfit combinations continues to grow, I have to wonder what I am going to wear today.

Looking at the photos, I also started to see the details of the outfits that I like and don't like. This allows me to improve as a men's style connoisseur.

I also learnt how to use a photo processing software. Although the photos themselves are almost unretouched, sometimes I have to adjust the colours, the brightness, or to remove a wrinkle caused by a lack of sleep at night. 🙂

So what TIPS can you give to a man who is still dreaming of changing his style of dress?

1) Size. Whatever clothes you buy, make sure they are the right size. A cheaper garment that fits you will always look better than a more expensive garment that is too big or too small.

2) Universality. The first thing you should do when embarking on your wardrobe journey is to buy clothes that can be easily matched with others. Only when you have enough of these clothes should you start buying something different and unique.

3) The brand is not everything. There is no need to chase luxury brands and think that wearing such clothes will automatically make you look beautiful and stylish. No, you will look beautiful and stylish when you wear clothes that not only fit you, but that you also like.

And finally, there is a saying: 4) greets according to dress, escorts according to mind. So, the outfit is really important as it will help to create a better first impression. However, if you don't have a mind, then not only will you be sent away with a bad impression, but you may never want to come back.

Clothes, no matter how good or stylish, are then meaningless. There has to be a complete package in which clothing is not the only component.

Do you have any advice for people who want to repeat or surpass your adventure?

I think the most important thing is to find an occupation that "carries you". No matter how crazy it is, if you love doing it, you shouldn't stop. And it doesn't matter what people say.

As long as you don't harm others, you should do what you want and not limit yourself.
At the very least, what any such activity will bring is time well spent, knowledge and lots of good emotions.

Taaaaiii... Do you have any other goals, ideas or secret desires?

Yes, indeed - my next goal is to write a book about men's style. Well, not just to write it, but to publish it, so that I can share what I've learned with men and help them dress better. Well, also women who want to dress their husbands nicely. 🙂

Thank you, Algirdas, for the chat!

I hope this conversation has inspired you to rethink your wardrobe and, more importantly, your behaviour. Although style is a cloud ceiling for me, I guess you have to keep up...

...And most importantly, to feel happy in your own skin; to find your style and love it!

Your happily preparing,
Pig Antanas

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