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Why should you delete Facebook?

I haven't used Facebook in over a year. This is what I feel at this moment. Maybe this will also inspire you to stop using Facebook and just delete it.


Remigius Šimašius: What is the meaning of my life and how to become a politician

Remigijus Šimašius: former Minister of Justice of Lithuania and member of the Seimas, now working as the mayor of Vilnius and admiring the Internet with his vigor. Have you heard of this one?


Romas Zabarauskas: How I translate Vilnius as a friendly city

What is most important in life? Eeeeh yes love! And it doesn't matter at all - you are a pig or a filmmaker. Today, my interlocutor is public figure and artist Romas Zabarauskas!


What would happen if you gave up all copyright?

Goal of the day: 717 words. Written: 245.


Fighting for women's rights? Then you are sexist

Goal of the day: 636 words. Written: 243.