Why should you delete Facebook?

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Reflections and drafts

I haven't used Facebook in over a year. This is what I feel at this moment. Maybe this will also inspire you to stop using Facebook and just delete it.

  1. Facebook is a cock unspoken.
  2. Facebook not only tracks everything you do on Facebook, but also tracks everything you do on pages with "like" or "share" buttons, all kinds of Facebook blocks - even if the creators of the pages don't know it - Facebook tracks everything and makes serious money from it.
  3. Facebook data about users that they have not agreed to give (a) when they are online, b) which pages they visit and what they are interested in, c) what they correspond with friends, d) everything they post on Facebook, its groups, messenger and Instagram) sells to third parties - sometimes "legally" through permission to advertise (for huge sums), sometimes less legally, as scandals come out.
  4. Facebook is an undemocratic environment (I). Just. Facebook is, I would say, even an anti-state environment where emotions are encouraged, not debate. The most interesting, detailed, high-quality content units are not promoted to the top - those that provoke laughter, anger, rage or simply disgust are promoted. It's not a conversational or action setting, it's just screaming at each other.
  5. Facebook is an undemocratic environment (II). Users are not free to choose what they want to see, because the algorithm throws out what is "most interesting" to them. Unsolicited advertising, unsolicited posts, unsolicited content. They can't vote, say, against content - only in different ways. What if the content unit is just bad? You can't downvote him or otherwise throw him away, because every vote, even the one in the eyes of an anti-vaxxer on Facebook, is important. Important what? That raises emotions and keeps users online. What's the point? More data, more ads, more money.
  6. Facebook is an undemocratic environment (III). Users have no self-governance on Facebook. There are groups, but only a limited discussion is possible in them, and you can't make it your own fortress - like Discord. Users cannot confidently choose admins themselves, they cannot create, for example, bots that would work in their self-government. Facebook is not a place where you can build a community - it's a place where you put your emotional content to the community. This is not an invitation to gather in an apartment community in a closed, private, environment, it is more of a drunken shouting in the stairwell.
  7. Facebook is a content monopoly. It's a good thing that there is Google, because without it, all personal pages, blogs, other portals would fail. But writers are already asking if it is really worth publishing a book or writing to a newspaper if you can write on Facebook. Companies ask if it is really worth it to publish an important message via SMS if you can write a post on Facebook. This destroys all alternatives to social interaction - even live ones - and leaves non-Facebook users behind an information wall.
  8. Facebook has taken a beating. They have so much power, money, attention, and consumers (2 billion out of 8 billion people on earth already - more than the entire European Union + USA + N other countries combined) that they are not interested in someone's threats or desire to change (e.g. even the requirements of the EU, not to mention movements like https://www.humanetech.com/ [[which, by the way, I recommend you take a great look at]]). They are one of the most powerful corporations on earth.
  9. Facebook and its products promote alienation + cult of personality. In them, the user feels that he is not one of the many - not a part of society - he feels like a Special One, who will also, lo and behold, soon become a famous influencer and make a few bucks by pushing diet pills, teas and the like. A member of a cult of personality is not interested in what kind of society he is in - he is only interested in how to become more famous, more special, more wonderful. And God forbid someone opposes him - this person will become an enemy, will be ground with shit and blocked. It's not communication, it's not living in society - it's just brutality.
  10. Well, and the fact that, in general, all modern social networks turn our attention… What did I say? I forgot… My memory is so bad… Ah, that's right! Turns into... What is this? Oh, he turns it into a word, do you understand, nuuuu? (This addendum is already a bit more of a problem with modern content, but Facebook, again, does not encourage you to spend more time with one piece of content - it encourages you to stay on the platform longer, even if you just scroll, scroll, scroll and get angry at everyone and everything...)

Well, at least those are my emotions at the moment. Facebook is a rooster.

(Reader's comment)

  • I watched The Social Dilemma. Like nothing new but liked it I think great post.
  • I was talking about the movie with my co-workers. I'm not sure if it's some kind of denial, self-soothing, or wishful thinking, but the reaction has been something like this: there have always been things that seemed like a disaster, but we always managed somehow. There was a radio, there was a newspaper. Maybe I partially understand - dramatizing the situation is unattractive, but... did people really pick up the newspaper 100 times a day? Did they wake up from a trance half an hour later after opening the newspaper - "OMG I read 8 pages and didn't even notice"? I don't know. maybe no? is it possible to compare these tools? maybe? on some level. but, I think, the level of influence of radio and social networks is somewhat different. maybe the concern should be on a different level.
  • I started writing about Instagram. Your post about quitting FB mentions Insta as a place to find quality photos. The face seems to be changing a bit (Insta seems to be considered the worst of all when it comes to teenage mental health). What do you think about Insta now? Are you using it or have you deleted it too? :)

The second part of the reflections

  1. Alarmism or conformity? In my eyes, any judgment that XYZ is alarmism ("panic-raising") is an argument of little value. Because to these arguments you can automatically answer "Or maybe you just put up with what is, because you are afraid of being in the dark (like all of us), so you would rather choose peace, even if it is unpleasant, than even imagine something else?". These arguments are void. They don't say anything. You can just ignore it. (Because it's like in the discussion "Is it better to drink tea warm or cold in winter - which is healthier?"), to present the argument "Or maybe we should just drink it the way we've always drank it". Does it hit somewhere on the topic? Yes. But is it really on topic? Well not much.)
  2. I like the word "Man" in this discussion. I'm not saying that the internet and social media. the media is bad for you. I don't know how you are. Maybe it helps you. Perhaps this is the source of your satisfaction with attention. Maybe an escape from the painful kidney disease… But I can find it unpleasant for me. In my experience, this helps de-stress listeners. Because I'm not saying it should be otherwise. Just sharing my emotional/experience reflection.
  3. Yes, I deleted it too. About a year and a half ago. Two months ago, I signed up again for a week, but, um, somehow it didn't go up anymore... In my eyes, IG is better, because at least you can choose the content yourself. What you follow is your business. For example, only what I followed was constantly dropped, and in the "discovery tab" - similar characters, mostly web-comics authors and all kinds of graphic design creators.
  4. Do you choose yourself? When I think about the content that reaches me, I think about where it came from. In my eyes, if you want to rack your brains with tens of hours of weird modern memes or watching luxury houses, is that a bad thing? We all have a choice in how we entertain ourselves. It's worse when the content comes from you and just hijacks it. When an "algorithm" or some "editor" breaks into your house with something you didn't ask for. Like peasants with their propaganda, spamming mailboxes. Like (some) jehovah's witnesses who come to you 10 times even though after the third time you said you are not interested at all. I just want freedom. And I choose her.

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