Blogs from a month without internet: "It was probably the best challenge ever"

365 texts habits a month without internet social networks

Goal of the day: 347 words. Written: 513. Photo author Agnes * (Lithuanian, Debesian)

By the way: I wrote this blog in December month without internet years. Today I finished it, fixed it and show it to you.

Day 2:

The first evening/night/morning without the internet is weird. I feel sad, aimless and... lonely. I even started to get over it and to feel terribly sad that I don't have a girlfriend! (Which is ridiculous.)

Very strange. I feel cut off from society, even though it seems to be right here.

But I have been very efficient in organising around me. When nobody is in the way, I can manage. That's good.

Day 3:

I started using my mobile phone's FM radio. Because damn, it's hard to live without music. I'm thinking of bringing home a radio.

Day 4:

Cleaning up old work and objects is quite an interesting activity. And the best part is that no matter what you do, you will always find something that is unfinished and "just a day" away from being finished.

So you are left with the question: what to organise and finish first - your work for the month or your unfinished business?

Day 5:

"My work has become completely different."

Day 6:

"People become alcoholics because they don't have the internet."

Day 7:

"Today I feel freer."

Day 8:

God, the Chinese-Mongolian folk-metal band Suld sounds amazing! I listened to it on Opus radio.

Day 12:

"Thoughts don't slip away so quickly."

Day 17:

It's 4am.

I accidentally noticed an old habit.

  1. I sat down on a chair.
  2. I clicked on the new tab instantly because the browser was on (I'm testing the Cloud design offline).
  3. I immediately pressed the letter f and enter - my body knew that Facebook would load.

What habits! It seems that in 16 days, my body hasn't yet realised that there is no internet. And now, when I turn on my browser, it hasn't been there - the reflex is so ingrained.

How many of these reflexes do I have? And how many do you have?

Day 19:

I keep catching myself thinking about how I would go about researching, buying, reading, communicating and checking things with the internet.

Although I haven't had the urge in the last week, by the third day I think of it as a natural urge. Not an exaggerated "I have to", but just a desire. It's like opening a newspaper and checking something in the information section - a TV programme or something.

It's true that I don't check TV programmes or repeated information in newspapers. I watched one day what time the films were in the cinemas, but that was the end of it.

Day ????:

Headache. Sickness. Could be just being sick, but the headache is the worst. Eating chocolate makes the headache disappear.

Day 24:

This is the second day in a row that I have not felt like writing. Absolutely. I don't even sit down. Yesterday and the day before yesterday I was working and playing video games, today I was playing and reading books (like last night).

I feel sleepy. I felt like that yesterday, too. Maybe it's because of being between two radiators? Or maybe Dishonored game?

By the way, today I finished with the low chaos ending. When I stabbed the final boss with three arrows from the deck in 1.5 sec I felt bad about my stealthy style. I must have created an anti-climatic ending for myself. And that last power I got, the time suspension, was a total wipeout. I probably would have finished even if I had stabbed everyone in a row, because the ending was definitely easier than the missions before it. Too bad.

I don't leave the house because my car is frozen. I miss the city. And I miss the internet.

I look forward to returning to the blog and answering emails from readers. Doing the things I have planned. Giving articles to editors, jobs to designers and expanding my ideas.

And I have no idea why I feel so sleepy.

Day 26:

I dreamt that I went online and found 24 thousand emails. Half an hour after waking up and realising the scale of the dream, I laughed out loud.


I suspect that I will continue to repeat the months without internet. I liked and like the challenge.


Without internet,

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