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Who is the target audience? This is not a faceless crowd

Every content creator wants to have a large audience. But how to collect it? Content publishing is not necessarily the solution…


How to become an expert: Find your own technique, method, technology

What is the difference between an expert and a person who is otherwise knowledgeable? The expert is likely to have his own not only verified, but also created way of thinking.


How to check if someone will buy your book? Give it away for free!

If you can't attract readers for free, then who will buy your book? (Or another piece, as the same applies to other media.)


Buyers don't like discounts

Discounts are a great way to attract customers. But, you know, buyers (secretly) don't like discounts. Not because discounts are bad - because the product used to be without them.


How to protect your creation from theft?

Don't save.


Ramūnas Čičelis wrote something interesting in his book "Trajectories: Television Critique"?

I have a feeling you haven't heard of this book yet. I would not be surprised - criticism of Lithuanian television shows is not the most frequently discussed topic. And what to say that the circulation of this book is only 400 units...


NEW! not good!

The argument from novelty is another type of chronological snobbery: the claim that what is NEW predates something. Although there is not.


Creativity is not marketing (So a developer needs a marketing friend)

It is related. Create and promote, create and persuade, create and sell… But creativity is not the same as marketing.


Is the book "Implement an idea through Kickstarter" worth paying attention to? (If you want to launch a product at low cost, yes.)

What if you could make hundreds of thousands of euros with JUST an idea? I can say that:


This is why you will never become successful and your work will never receive compliments

…I'm lying. What I'm about to say isn't another self-affirmation that you're a loser that you've been looking for. It's more of a motivation to not stop.


What if your customers seem mentally retarded?

You must have come across such people. Explaining to them that X or Y is literally impossible… Or that Z can easily be done by yourself and here's how… Or that M, L and P are not your area of work… Jthey don't like it!


What makes a blog popular?

Question received: