Is the book "Implement an idea through Kickstarter" worth paying attention to? (If you want to launch a product at low cost, yes.)

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What if you could make hundreds of thousands of euros with JUST an idea? I can say that:

  1. It is possible and more people should do it!
  2. It's not easy, but in a freshly published book "Bring your idea to life on Kickstarter" find out how.

This book was written by Vilius Stanislovaitis, successfully launched his own project on Kickstarter and raised funds from more than 200 backers in 35 countries, more than doubling the amount of money raised for the product. Keep in mind that this is an impressive achievement, as the funds were raised for a very niche product - an online telephony business manager.

So how do you pitch your idea on Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any other crowdfunding portal and successfully raise funds for your dream?

...This is what the author talks about in his book:

  1. What is crowdfunding? How does it help to raise money through pre-orders without paying interest and without giving up an ownership stake? How do you bring together potential customers from all over the world who are interested in what you are doing? After all, most ideas need money to get off the ground, and for start-ups it is common to get funding from a single source, usually relatives, close friends or banks... But shouldn't there be an easier way? Turns out there is!
  2. What to choose: "Kickstarter or Indiegogo? How do these platforms differ? Which one do most Lithuanian developers choose? And what are the alternatives if you don't want to use them?
  3. How to prepare for the campaign launch? Only one in three projects reaches its financial target, so what determines whether a project is successful? What should you do before launching?
  4. Campaign description and registration. What are the requirements for the project? How to create an engaging video? What rewards to deliver to get the maximum result from the campaign? How to provide a description to turn casual web surfers into supporters?
  5. What would be the action plan and what tools would be useful? Find concrete steps that you can implement right away. Tips on what to do to reach your goal and what not to do to avoid mistakes. A mountain of useful tools to help you prepare for the launch of your project.
  6. And interviews with Lithuanian creators. 16 Lithuanian developers who have managed to raise thousands to millions (literally!) of euros through crowdfunding platforms share their experiences. Wow!


I was already curious before I even opened the book!

Now that I have read this book, what do I think of it?

If you are sincere...

...This is a great book!

Except for a few minor details (which I will mention shortly), I rate it 9/10 with a plus.

When the cover of a book says "guide", that's roughly what you expect - a comprehensive guide to what, where, when and how... That's what I got! The book starts with examples of what can be funded and what results can be obtained through Kickstarter, which is the main focus of the book.

It turns out that this platform has not only funded films, books, video games, software, but even ridiculous goals - for example, one Kickstarter user raised €10 to make a white cereal, and in 30 days he raised €55,400... for a cereal.

(The internet is a very strange place and anything goes if you know how to present an idea.)

The author explains how to present ideas so that they pass through. He reveals not only his personally tested knowledge on how to attract the attention of the biggest media portals in the world (and Lithuania), how to create an engaging project description, where to look for a potential stream of sponsors... But also, and I am very happy to say, he interviewed 16 Lithuanians who also presented their projects through crowdfunding!

Personally, I think this is where the author's book shines the most - it is not just a lame memoir in the open, but a comprehensive, multifaceted, multi-format guide. However, quality literature is literature that will help people. And the methods and techniques described in the book by Vilius Stanislovaitis are enough for every type of creator.

Now, where is the bad part of the book? Well... you might not even miss it. It's just my personal hook for what I look for in books.

It's just that the internal design of the book could have used a more modern font, and some work on the page design! Oh, yes, the book is very easy to read. Except that I like books to be beautiful. Cha.

(As I say, a complete trifle.)

Similar posts on Facebook, reviews from other readers of the book can be found. Let me quote:

  1. Emil S. says: "When we created our Kickstarter campaign (SGS Watches), we spent a lot of time looking for information on different sites. This book is a great tool that will not only help us save time, but also provide us with all the information we need to not only prepare for a successful campaign, but also to reach our goals!"
  2. Rapolas G. says: "Everything you need to know when starting your own crowdfunding campaign. Everything in one place. The experiences of people who have tried it and share their experiences with others. A great book."
  3. Arvydas J. adds, "The only comprehensive and complete introduction to crowdfunding projects to date. Lots of theoretical and practical information, just a must for anyone who has done, is doing or will do it. Thanks to the author and great job!"

Vladas Lašas, co-founder of the Lithuanian Business Angel Network, Ilja Laurs, founder of the venture capital fund Nextury Ventures, and Roberta Rudokienė, CEO of Startup Lithuania, also recommend the book. Their testimonials are printed right on the back of the book and full of praise!

...Well, maybe we should talk to the author of the book himself? What do you think?

A multi-question interview with the author of the book, Vilius Stanislovitis!

Viliau, tell me, what kind of reader is this book for?

This book is for creative, entrepreneurial and curious people who want to put their ideas into practice.

If you have been struggling to get an idea out of your head for a while and think it might be viable in the global market, this book will help you to get your thoughts together and map out the steps you can take to test the demand for your product.

It is also important to note that Kickstarter is an international platform, so this book is only suitable for those who want to work with a global audience.

And how did the idea to write this book come about?

The idea to write this book came from personal experience. I raised the money to publish my first book on Kickstarter, where 200 people from 35 countries around the world backed my project and helped me to exceed my original goal by almost 1.5 times. After my successful launch on Kickstarter, I received a lot of enquiries from people wanting to bring their ideas to life through crowdfunding.

When I noticed that there was not enough information in Lithuanian, I decided to put all the Lithuanian experiences in one place and write a simple and clear book about how to prepare for pitching your idea on Kickstarter or other crowdfunding platforms.

Are there any myths about Kickstarter in Lithuania?

Yes, there are myths or misconceptions. Many people, after hearing or reading Kickstarter success stories, imagine the platform as a money machine, where you can throw any product at it and get a bunch of money once you know the "secret formula" for success. I have heard of people going on to sell plots of land, windscreen technology and many other all sorts of products or services that are certainly not suitable for Kickstarter. Few people understand and look into how it actually works. This is understandable, because the media usually only publishes success stories, but does not tell us about the action behind the scenes: how much time and effort has been sacrificed, how much other forms of investment have been made to raise funds for a project through Kickstarter.

Statistics show that only one in three projects on Kickstarter raises the required amount. That's why it is important to present people with real Lithuanian experiences that show the importance of preparing for a crowdfunding campaign.

Thank you, Viliau!

To summarise...

"Kickstarter is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms and has raised almost €4 billion for creative projects. This book gives you a simple and clear step-by-step guide on how to prepare for a crowdfunding campaign. The author and 16 creators from Lithuania who have already implemented their ideas share their experiences!

As the author invites:

  • Turn creative ideas into reality;
  • Assess the global demand for your idea at minimal cost;
  • Get funding from ordinary people who care about what you do;
  • Learn from people who have successfully implemented their ideas!

I rate it 9/10 with rice (plus).

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