How to become an expert: Find your own technique, method, technology

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What is the difference between an expert and a person who is otherwise knowledgeable? The expert is likely to have his own not only verified, but also created way of thinking.

For example:

  • Plan” – a time planning and self-development book created by personal efficiency trainer Milda Sabienė;
  • Skyscraper technique” - SEO and Content Creation Technique by SEO Expert Brian Dean;
  • Start with Why” is a messaging technique developed by leadership coach Simon Sinek;
  • Or whatever "Hammer method” is a self-calming technique, which neither Čekuolis nor Valtininkas, who describes the method, created, but Valtininkas named, described, named the method, which is also part of the creation.

In any case, a knowledgeable person will simply share his experience, and a knowledgeable person will put that experience into his own unique recipe.

I must note here - "exclusive" is a debatable word.

All pancakes are basically the same (at least in shape). All methods of time management, SEO or self-love are basically similar (probably a time management method will help you manage your time). You can cling to probably any technique and say "this one is similar". Originality does not exist in a vacuum.

And an expert can become famous with his technique. Perhaps his technique will be named after him. Perhaps outsiders will say that other methods are copied from this one. What was "created" first?

However, if you want to be an expert: don't be afraid to create your own methods. 

Because methods are remembered and sold.

Any "brand" is a great hook to help you stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of knowledgeable people, but fewer experts who also have their own unique method to share.

  • It is not necessary to call the method by its own name. In fact, I wouldn't even recommend it because it seems selfish.
  • The title should be images. The aforementioned Brian Dean's "Skyscraper Technique" sounds more impressive than "The Very Detailed Article Technique", doesn't it?
  • Don't forget to share your method for free. This is extremely important. Don't keep your unique technique to yourself because you need exposure. You need second persons to tell third persons "Oh, you know, I've heard of this technique...".
  • Yes, there will be those who will "steal" your invented technique. But, admit it, it's not the first time - after all, you probably didn't come up with your method in a vacuum - someone taught you when you were young, you added something of your own, you created something... But that's the beauty of methods, that there doesn't have to be only one "correct" way of thinking.

What is your work technology? What works for you? Give it a name, tell us how you do it - become an expert in the field.

(Note: inventing a method does not make you an infallible expert. You can still be wrong, and your method may not work. But I'm talking about a way of thinking, not a mystical "step". Experts think of their methods and share them (they experiment), and otherwise those who know only copy.)

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