This is why you will never become successful and your work will never receive compliments

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…I'm lying. What I'm about to say isn't another self-affirmation that you're a loser that you've been looking for. It's more of a motivation to not stop.

Have you ever heard of Sturgeon rule? It is: 90% All creations are crap.

Just. I won't lie when I say "it's bad work", because it's not bad. It's crap. Most everything that is produced - books, films, pizzas, accountancy reports and bed-fucking - is just bad work. And you know that, and it is not new to you.

However: imagine a good, quality piece of work that you enjoy today.

Say, your phone, your teapot, your picture on the wall, your shoes... Well, it doesn't matter, you have an imagination. Can you imagine? So, hell, you see how this thing is good, how it REALLY stands out from all the other works?

Most of the other similar facilities are not really that good. 

...Then why do you want your every creation to be so fantastic, so that we can spread and bring you wealth? 🙂

I tell you what - most of your work will be crap. It's already there... AND IT'S ALL GOOD. Well, we're all such creators.

Don't argue. Just create more.

  • If you create just one exceptional piece - the probability of success is equal to 10%.
  • If you put a lot of time and energy into one piece - the probability will drop to about 5% (because in that time your idea will no longer be so new and unique, it will have been shown to the world first by someone else... And anyway, I'm going to get away from what Intuition, who is a lot more intelligent than you, has been whispering to you).
  • If you create 10 exceptional works - the probability of one of them succeeding is about 65.13%. Not a hundred, but admittedly a lot better than 10%, right? 🙂

Bandyk. Do it. Show. Card.

And maybe you'll be lucky enough to become famous, respected and happy. Maybe you'll get lucky. And Sturgeon's rule will remain what only happens to those who create too little... Or too similar content.

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