How to create a blog: Which platform will you choose? (Part II)

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Goal of the day: 411 words. Written: 443.

While Facebook is handy for connecting with people you know, writing funny or short messages, and for quick (and cheap) advertising... it's impossible to post long articles with photos, videos or other valuable content.

And if you try, you're just throwing your efforts away only to have your work forgotten 24 hours later.

It's a good place to be on Facebook if you write short, topical news. For example, if you're a humorist or a journalist, then yes - only post on Facebook, because it's always on the go! But for a long-lasting blog that will bring benefits, it's better not to choose it.

So what to choose instead of Facebook? Post on

No, definitely not! Don't joke like that.

Better take your pick... WordPress(.org). It's the content management system behind 59.1% of all blogs on the web. Joomla, in second place, has 6.4%. And yes, that's an insane number of blogs, including this one you are reading right now.

But wait, don't rush to read what WordPress is and how it works. I'll explain that a little later. Here's the reasoning behind why I'm mentioning this name to you right away:

If you've never heard such a thing: Then imagine that WordPress is the only (and best) choice. Because it's probably the easiest and most flexible tool. And also - if you have any questions or problems, because (almost) everyone uses WP - you'll always find answers online.

If you've heard of WordPress: So you must know that there are alternatives. Many alternatives. And in this place you can choose, I'm not holding you back. But if you choose something more complex and exclusive, then don't blame others for not finding help online or for your blog looking terrible.

Your second better choice is Blogger(.com). But. Big trouble. By "more decent", I don't mean that it's equal to WordPress. Indeed, in terms of features and usability, it is tens of thousands of times behind.

...The only advantage of Blogger is that it's free.

Which isn't so charming, given that Google often doesn't find it either, and you'll be stuck with the "" address when you're living the free life.

Similar alternatives exist:

  • WordPress.comwhich is similar to, but with half of its features disabled. It's good that if you change your mind, it's at least convenient to move your content to .org.
  • Tumblr.comwhich is the simplest and most visual. In Lithuania, few people use it, and on the internet at large, it is mostly liked by very strange people: anime fans and furries of all kinds.
  • is a professional network where your texts will look very good, you can do whatever you want with them, your texts will be constantly exposed to other readers... And it's all very wonderful! But it's more a portal for English texts and the texts themselves would disappear with the closure of Medium.
  • Weebly.comwhich is an ass, and may God have mercy on those who use it. Moving content from here to somewhere else is also a blockage.

Although I started with Blogger once, I would definitely advise you to avoid the unpleasantness of moving to WordPress later on, and to sacrifice those few euros for the sake of your readers. Because if you don't care about their well-being on your site, then I remind you - it's better not to create anything. You'll be doing the whole internet a big favour.

Holding a kettle,

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