What is the Priority Pyramid + How to create a map of your goals?

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During the last 10-12 years, I had to be very interested in personal development, efficiency and similar things. Therefore, the shares I present may be heard somewhere else. These are things that I have tried on my fur and that work for me.

It is told by a cloud dweller Vaidas Valatkevičius, personal coach.

First: Pyramid of priorities

I had to go a long way until I understood which divisions are the foundations for me and on which others can be built.

  1. The base of the pyramid starts with health. Yes, it is the most precious asset we have. And why exactly is this the basis? I rely on extremes: What if there was no health? Or would the health be very poor? Would other things matter then? After all, health is our life. No health - no life. We are gone.
  2. The second step is called "Career". But it includes broader things: jobs, sources of income. Because without sources of income, let's face it, it would be difficult to live.
  3. I have arranged the further steps according to what was available to me at the time (16.12.2017) relevant and meaningful. Relatives, development, free time - everything needs to find time, everything takes a certain amount of time. At the same time, it brings certain things into our lives.
  4. Self-analysis - this is the time when you start thinking about whether everything is going the way you want it to be. Maybe something is wrong in life. It's time for yourself and questions for yourself that you need to ask and answer as honestly as possible to yourself.
  5. The highest level is spirituality. In this case, it is not about church and church attendance. These are things we do for other people, good deeds, help, care, advice. Living for others, not just for yourself.

A pyramid is a selfish thing. All foundational stages are self-related. Because only when you take care of yourself, only then will you be able to properly take care of others. And don't lie to yourself that you think of others first. It really isn't like that.

Second: Goal Map

There are many methods that should help you achieve your goals. The fact that simply writing down goals helps - it was found by British scientists (shouldn't we believe them?). But how do you not get lost among all your goals? A goal map comes to the rescue.

Everything is very simple, a white sheet of paper, the date you fill it out. In the middle of the sheet, draw your symbol (square, balloon, circle - whatever you like). It's you. Next, list the areas that are relevant to you:

  1. work
  2. health
  3. sports
  4. relationships, family
  5. friends
  6. finance
  7. development and creativity
  8. hobbies, travel

This results in a molecule with a center and 8 circles around it (Scheme 1-8).

Then the next step is to sign a few more specific things you want on each outer part. For example hobbies, travel:

  1. start dancing
  2. to go abroad for a week
  3. go to the sea

This is how your 1-8 scheme becomes 1-8-many:

What is good about it? Once you have all your goals written down, set a deadline by when you want to achieve all of these things. For example it can be goals and wishes for a year or half a year.

When everything is in one place, you will see broadly everything that is important to you. You know how to properly allocate your energy, time and finances in order to achieve what you want.

It works.. I've had yearly maps since 2013 when I started doing this. And the strangest thing is that they come true. Sometimes it doesn't happen before the deadline, sometimes it happens in the strangest ways. But it happens.

And that's good, because it's very interesting to watch how desires change over the years. How much you have achieved, what you no longer need to strive for, because other things and aspirations have appeared.

And finally: When I have to choose between two things that will happen at the same time, I ask myself a salutary question - What will change my life more, 1 or 2?

– Vaidas Valatkevičius, personal coach

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