How to set goals for yourself? [4 Step Guide]

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I can share what I have experienced about challenges.

...Let's start at the end:

1) Last question: why?

As you are reading this letter, you may want to correct yourself. To lose or gain N kilos, to put on Y fingers, to squeeze a six-pack in your belly or to do something else summery.

I just have a question that I repeat to almost every Cloud Citizen who writes to me and asks me how to overcome their goals.

Why want to change yourself?

I mentioned this issue in our rules. It is also crucial for in coaching and business. Now I ask you. Frankly.

Here are some bad reasons to change your diet or habits:

  • "It's healthy";
  • "I was told it would get better";
  • "Because you need to lose kilos";
  • "Because summer is coming".

And some good ones:

  • "Because I want to, that's all!";
  • "Because I want to see what happens".

Short version: I don't advise taking on challenges, especially body-changing ones, without a truly inspiring reason. Your desire must come from the heart.

...And how do you check if you really want something?

So wait, stop and put off making a wish.

For example, if you read an interview on Monday and thought it would be powerful to make a change, and today you still want to, that's a positive sign. But if you forget about it a day later, you can be glad you didn't waste your energy. 🙂

(And not, for example. plumpness not available bad.)

2) Define your goal. Then get started.

There is nothing scarier in a challenge than a challenge without a final stop. And whatever your stop is, define it. Set it. Because without direction... When will you know you're starting in the wrong direction?

I could write a lot here...

...But instead, I'll recommend Luka Marcinkevičius, whose blog ProtoArchitektas(.lt) I've come to love this year. It's a comprehensive guide from asking the questions, to planning and getting started.

Come in:

(His page is like a free book. And I bloody love it!)

3) Idea: Start slowly.

I know that you might want to make a radical change, as Audrius did for the interview... But I wouldn't recommend it.

Better: Follow the baby steps method.

(I've tried it too. Personally, I find it easier.)

4) Tell almost no one about your goal.

Once you've started your trip, it's best not to talk about it on Facebook or other places where dozens (or more) of people will hear about it. The more people know, the worse for you.

Why? Why research shows that it cuts through motivation.

Better what you can do: only tell professionals and your closest friends about your goal. Then listen to their honest and open opinions (without hearts and emoticons). And enjoy.

(I also recommend this, not only because of research but also because of personal experience. For example, that's why I don't tell anyone about my current challenges.)

...And then...

Just the beginning. 🙂

Because we can talk a lot about challenges and planning for them, but what is the point if we never start them?

So today I wish to start!


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