Method of thinking: Advantages, Limitations, Uniqueness and Opportunities (ALUO)

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The "Advantages, limitations, unique qualities and overcoming limitations" method is similar to SWOT technique, but more for generating ideas.

The principle is as follows:

  1. Choose one preconceived idea - that's what you want to think about.
  2. Come up with as many as you can advantages - what is good and useful about this idea?
  3. It doesn't matter which way you think, you can just use it brainstorming. When you find that you have come up with enough ideas or the generation has slowed down…
  4. Start thinking as much as possible shortcomings - what is wrong with your idea, can it harm you, can it fail?
  5. After that, what is your idea? exclusive, what makes it stand out from other thoughts you have?
  6. Finally, what are yours? possibilities, how could you overcome limitations? To avoid them, to eliminate them, how would you do so that the restrictions do not interfere?

You can use this work tool, worksheet: .pdf file link.

This method was probably first written about in "Creative approaches to Problem Solving", SG Isaksen, KB Dorval and DJ Treffinger (1994).

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