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Goal of the day: 135 words. Written: 421.

Two years ago, in July, I had a challenge. Don't put anything off for a whole month. Because after my friend Jurgita's advice, I thought it was a brilliant idea! No time wasted if I start all the work the moment I can! Now I have realized that there is a smarter way: blocking.

But here's what I experienced during that strange and failed month of July.

/ 1 – 2 /

So far, following the rules has been successful. It's true, sometimes I deviate from the schedule: I look at videos on YouTube or photos in my notebook and listen for the signal that the break is over, and sometimes I work too long without a break. But it's getting easier to spot your procrastination.

/ 3 – 4 /

I have a problem - I work too much and I don't rest enough. That is, my head is turned towards the end of the day, and I have no leisure activities (except for the fact that I am already going to the city for the fifth night in a row search for Geocaching treasures or for a walk anyway), so I work even more.

As my friend Tauras observed, could reworking be at risk?

/ 5 /

Still the same. Not procrastinating is average. I've taped a "get out of bed" reminder to my bed so I don't stay up late in the morning, but it hardly helps. I still manage to wake up 3 times and never fall asleep.

/ 6 /

This is where change stalls – when the work being done is not seamless. An example of this would be my blog server change today, where 80% consisted of waiting for files to load or the programs magic to work, 10% consisted of wondering why something wasn't working, and only the remaining 10% of actually doing it.

I guess this kind of problem can also arise when working as a salesperson in a store, a night watchman or a similar profession. In such jobs, it is difficult to maintain the work-rest rhythm, because it does not depend on you, the tension flows are controlled by the environment.

I guess I should try a new system, where I would limit not only the time of rest, but also the time of work - I wonder what will come of it?

/ 7 – 12 /

Nothing changes. I forgot to limit work.

/ 13 – 20 /

Unfortunately, I spent this week in bed. A zero work, zero management emergency system. A nasty disease, how rare. Work, immune system, work! It was not for nothing that I fed you lemons...

/ 21 /

First day after illness. I would think that after an illness. In the middle of the day, I remembered the challenge and rushed to follow the instructions of the watch. The effect - I seem to have done more than I would have done watching kitten videos on YouTube.

(That's what I did for the first half of the day before I realized it. Why are cats so afraid of cucumbers!?)

/ 22 – 30 /

Nothing special happened these days. I never tried to somehow encourage myself more to stick to the schedule, I watched myself less and less. Indeed, as far as I can see now, the challenge was not very useful. Unfortunately

/ 31 /

Today I traveled to Turkey and was preparing for a new month of travel. Of course, having completely forgotten the promise to follow strict rules.

Where I went wrong in the July challenge - I don't know. But obviously I was wrong.

Maybe the very idea of the challenge is bad? Don't know.

In other time planning,

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