Three levels of laziness (between workaholic and lazy)

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Reflections and drafts

Goal of the day: 986 words. Written: 104.

"What must be done?"

...Asked in a hurry. He has no time to think, he has no desire to reflect, he does not want to decide and make difficult decisions. He is in a hurry, in a hurry, in a hurry.

"What shall be done?"

...Asks the adaptive. He has the time to postpone work until a more reasonable moment. But he doesn't have the strength to think about the value of his work - is it necessary because he wants to, or is it necessary because others have said so?

"What must be done?"

...A lazy person asks. He takes his time, does not neglect society and asks himself only one question: what is the most important thing in his actions and what is really worth doing? However, not everything is important, but only what is most important is that which gives the greatest return in time and energy.

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