The first few days with a stationary workplace

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Goal of the day: 257 words. Written: 340.

As should be no secret to you by now, I threw away my chair and now work standing up from time to time. That's how I write, read, surf the web and otherwise spend my time on the computer.

I started doing this a few days ago, because I really hated spending all day on YouTube (which is the same as watching TV all day), chronically refreshing pages for a little bit of new joy and so on.

And I am fed up with it. I'm fed up. Deadly. I wanted to work and do something! And if I don't work, then at least read books and sleep on the bed like a cat!

So I tried a simple thing - I threw the chair out of my room. Hooray for the standing desk! Now my computer (unfortunately a laptop, so the screen is a bit too low for ergonomics) sits on a pile of encyclopaedias. It was originally on boxes, until I took them outside and used them to put together the things I want to give away to people I meet.

(Updated September 2021: In this share, I'm talking about the first version - in the first photo. But later I changed the layout. Since I have not written any other articles on the standing desk, I have attached the photos here. I'm still working on the standing desk now.)

So, you must be wondering what has happened in these last few days, right?

Here's what happened:

  • I hardly watch youtube anymore. Yes, I still spend some time on it, but when you have to stand to use it and your legs are tired... I prefer to read another page of a romance or educational book.
  • I spend about the same amount of time on Facebook, but I guess less. I don't know exactly. I don't see much effect here, so far.
  • I now have even less time to respond to emails and messages. And that's fine - most of the chatting, however, is just using up time I could be spending working. Sorry, friends, Cloudsiders and others. I will get back to you, really. Only if you send your letter in the evening - you'll have to wait until the morning. I don't want to waste my energy browsing every few hours all day.
  • I naturally started to value my time on the computer more. Just because I know that the longer I stand, the more my legs will hurt.
  • And yes, I admit - my feet hurt. But I know, or at least I've heard, that it goes away after a week. Well, if it helps you to be more productive (although it's not pleasant) and maybe it helps you to train your legs... it's worth the effort!

These are observations for today. News as soon as it's here!

(Or rather, as soon as they are available and I see the value in writing them. And value is value to you. Are you interested in reading these things I write? If so, please make your voice heard!)

Your Daniel

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