How to reduce SPAM and subscriptions in your mailbox?

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It's a bit strange for me to talk about the (insurmountable) amount of e-mails that we try to eliminate from our mailboxes every day in another letter... But I don't really know any other way to share this knowledge with you more effectively.

(Unless you've already purchased my Lazy Manifesto - a book about minimalism and productive laziness. There about e-mail letters and peace I tell more.)

I'd like to introduce two ways you can breathe fresh air into your inbox again and finally stop feeling trapped in a mountain of new mail. email your mailbox will become your tool, not your prison.

I tried both of these techniques:

  1. Canceling subscriptions that are no longer interesting to me;
  2. By combining interesting ones into one letter per day instead of 20 separate ones;

However, the most common reason why people from Debesyl give up letters, as they say in their goodbye letters, is that we get sooooooo many letters. "I just can't read them all anymore!". This is the main idea found in more than one letter.

...And then, there are about 30% subscribers who, even when subscribing, leave their letters to rot somewhere in a pile of other letters. Fe.

The first technique for cleaning subscriptions.

Let's start with the more complicated one. If this one turns out to be too suffocating, complicated or useless, you can switch to the second one.

Advantages: You won't need any app.

Disadvantages: You will not be able to combine all subscriptions in one letter.

  1. You open the mailbox.
  2. Enter "Unsubscribe" in the search box. If you use Gmail, write "in:all unsubscribe" and you will search even in already deleted messages.
  3. Emails containing this word will be thrown away. You go to each subscription - you find a link at the bottom or top, click it, cancel.

Also, if you subscribe to things in Lithuanian, search with the words "Subscription", "I no longer want to receive" or "Unsubscribe". These three phrases seem to be the most common.

Everything. You pass - you refuse.

If you see a letter WITHOUT an opt-out link or instructions (sometimes there are idiotic systems where you need to write something back), you can immediately sue the sender of the letter and win several thousand Euros. If you are not lazy. Because in Lithuania it is illegal to send newsletters without the possibility of opting out, just like in the whole EU. 🙂

The second technique for clearing subscriptions.

And then this one that I use. It's more convenient, faster and you won't have to use those links by hand. And you can also combine the letters into one, if you want.

Advantages: Automagic!

Disadvantages: If the letters are combined into one, it is inconvenient to reply to the authors of individual letters.

  1. Travel to
  2. Sign in with your Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or other email account. mail account. Register to the end. Give it a few moments and will review your subscription senders. Don't worry - he only watches subscriptions.
  3. You have three big options: Unsubscribe (Delete), add to the general mail (Rollup) or leave the mail and the sender as it was before (Keep in Inbox). Go through your list and get rid of what you don't need.

Everything. Passes and letters to be managed.

The application itself will find the unsubscribe links (or if it doesn't find them - it will simply move the mails to the trash for you every time), and you can receive the compressed package at any time of the day. Morning, evening or lunch.

Your mailbox should now be at least 80% emptier! I hope I helped!

By subscribing,

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