My Time Management System: A large list of skirts

Reflections and drafts

Here are some facts about you (and me):

  • You already know what is important to you. Maybe you're afraid to name it because you're looking for a "better way", but that doesn't change the fact that you know.
  • You avoid unimportant tasks. If there is something on the to-do list that you do not want (do not need) to do, you will avoid doing it. Complex time, focus and productivity management systems will not help.
  • If you want to spend time on Facebook instead of working, it's a problem of values. Not working systems. If work was important, you would work. I'm sure you've heard the example about the toilet many times.


  1. Take it a piece of paper, notepad, Google Keep, Evernote, OneNote, Notepad, Trello or whatever you want.
  2. Make a list of things you should do. Of course, you won't write what you don't need to do anyway.
  3. Today or the next day view the list
  4. Choose one job. One, you pie. You can't do five jobs at once.
  5. Do the work. If the work takes longer than you have time - learn to divide the work into manageable parts, and next time write "Work (1/4)" and the like.
  6. Choose a new job.

Everything! You are already productive.

...And there was no need for complex systems, hours of planning, laying, thinking and otherwise wasting time.

This is the "Big List" technique.

What else?

Basically that's it. No need to complicate anything. It's better to make it easier.

  • Once a week or a month delete desires that are no longer desired. Because, well, what are they for?
  • If you feel that the list is simply too long - delete everything Just throw that paper or document away. It turns out that you have a problem with your values - you don't know what you want from life - figure out what you want first. You can have small lists as you go, but IMPORTANT: Don't get married to a to-do list that you don't yet believe in.

Nothing more is needed.

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